Sexist Pervert Democrat Who Hates Women Offering Money For Nude Photos/Video of Hunter Kendall Jones

And yes, this is the same simpleton that was completely destroyed on national television by Greta Van Susteren.

SICK! Pervie Democrat Offers 100K for Nude Photos of Texas Tech Cheerleader | The Gateway Pundit.

Democrat Congressional candidate Mike Dickinson is offering $100,000 for nude photos of Texas Tech cheerleader Kendall Jones.

The irony of 250lbs of chewed bubble gum going after someone for hunting when he clearly got fat eating too much hunted food is too much to ignore.

Of course, he’s also VERY ugly, both inside and outside, and I doubt he’s seen his penis in quite some time.  He absolutely MUST have nude photos of a girl young enough to be his daughter so he can simultaneously fulfill a pedo-fantasy, and not be alone Friday nights.

Naturally, the lovely organization NOW hasn’t come to the defense of Kendall Jones from yet another liberal attack on women.