Shep Smith Hilariously Hangs Up On NYT London Bureau Chief

On Fox News on Friday, Shepard Smith spoke by phone with London New York Times bureau chief Steven Erlanger, who was in France, about warnings that Al Qaeda was planning more attacks after the one in Paris. The call became rocky almost instantly, with Erlanger taking a shot at Fox right out of the gate. Smith, however, did not let it go by.

ERLANGER: Well, we need to be careful in the moments after such a thing …

SHEP: You don’t need to tell me that.

ERLANGER: Well that’s, that’s, I hope, true.

Smith let him finish talking, then circled right back to the opening.

SHEP: I’m very curious about .. you said we need to be careful. On what matter did you think we were not careful based on what you just said and what we just reported, Mr. Erlanger?

ERLANGER: I’m not .. I mean frankly, I have been doing, I have not been listening very VERY carefully ..

SHEP: Uh-huh. So you just said that because what?

ERLANGER: No no, I”m not getting in a fight with you, I’m simply saying ..

SHEP: That’s good.

When Erlanger began saying “I’m sorry, sir, either you’re going to let me talk or you’re not,” Smith just talked over him, said Erlanger’s name, and hung up. Awesomely.

Shepard Smith prides himself on his journalistic integrity, often making a point of distinguishing himself from Fox’s opinion talkers by closing his show with “from the journalists at Fox News.” The implication that he is not careful or was advancing an agenda was just about the quickest possible way to get cut off. Leave it to a biased New York Times mouthpiece who doesn’t even watch the network to preen with superiority in the first few seconds of an interview.

How do you spell typical liberal snob? N-Y-T.


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