Sheriff David Clarke Manhandles Drunk Idiot On A Plane

A passenger on the flight who asked The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel not to be named said that Bluntson was loud and disruptive, directing his comments to Clarke sitting at the back of the . “The guy was very abusive,” the passenger said to The Observer.

The sheriff got up from his seat and told the guy to “chill out” after Bluntson started harassing passengers and flight crew, according to a statement from the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.

When the plane was about to land, Bluntson got out of his seat and started taunting the sheriff, “asking him what he was going to do about it.” the statement said.

The lawman, in response, shoved him down into his seat and held him there until a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer came on board to arrest Bluntson. Three to four other police officers met Bluntson after he left the plane while Clarke filled out paperwork on the incident.


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