Shirley MacLaine: Jews Died in Holocaust Due to Sins in Past Lives

Actress and Democratic Party supporter Shirley MacLaine is under fire for suggesting that the six million Jews slaughtered by the Nazis were paying for their past sins. 


According to the Daily Mail the Oscar-winner writes in her new memoir:


“What if most Holocaust victims were balancing their karma from ages before, when they were Roman soldiers putting Christians to death, the Crusaders who murdered millions in the name of Christianity, soldiers with Hannibal, or those who stormed across the Near East with Alexander? The energy of killing is endless and will be experienced by the killer and the killee.”

MacLaine is a longtime supporter of the Democratic Party and left-wing activist.


An ardent abortion activist, she lobbied at the 1972 Democratic Convention for abortion rights in the party platform.


She is the Godmother of liberal icon Rep. Dennis Kucinich. 


In 2013, she received the Kennedy Center award from President Barack Obama.


She has suggested an alien may have been responsible for Ronald Reagan’s presidency.


And now, apparently, she thinks the Jews had it coming.  


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