Should Texting Be Allowed In Movie Theaters?


That didn’t take long for AMC to back off of this idea.  Your outrage could not be denied.

We are all familiar with movie theater etiquette.  You turn your phone off, no exceptions, once the notice to do so shows up on the movie screen.  If you are a decent human being, you will turn it off before the previews start.  Not any more.

Daily Mail:

Texting could soon be permitted in movie theaters as executives grapple to attract millennial audiences.
AMC Entertainment’s new CEO Adam Aron declared the policy is outdated because turning off a phone, for a teen, is like ‘cutting off your left arm above the elbow’.

If cinemas want to survive, he said, the glow of 100 little screens is a worthwhile sacrifice to make.
Proposing how it would work, in a far-reaching interview with Variety, he said there could be ‘texting friendly’ theaters.

Huh?  So that’s how theaters are to survive?  Not, you know, making concessions affordable so a trip to the movies doesn’t require a payday loan?  And no, theaters don’t make most of their money on concessions.  That’s a myth.

I enjoy the movies, but since becoming a parent I’ve only ventured out to a couple showings.  I used to go weekly.  I also have an awesome 4k TV with 3D.  There are some movies that a theater is an absolute must, but for most … I get better picture, and atmosphere at home for about $8 with concessions and the rental fee.  That’s for my whole family.

I don’t go to the theater a lot because it costs too much (unless I go to Wonderland Cinema in Niles, MI … how are they so cheap, yet profitable?), and I have to deal with people.  People suck, and annoy the hell out of me. Especially teens at a movie theater (seriously, why can’t they shut up for just 1 minute?).

I’m a public figure, so bludgeoning people in public is frowned upon.  Now they get to annoy me in yet another way?

Maybe I’m wrong, but this policy shift to allow text messaging in a theater doesn’t seem like an industry saving policy.  It seems like a sure fire way to kill business.  Especially with efforts by theaters to increase their adult date night audience with alcoholic beverages and steak dinners.  Great, I just paid for wine, beer, and steak for an intimate evening with the Mrs., and now some dweebus’s phone is ruining the ambiance.

Should theaters allow texting?


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