Study Confirms Democrats Are Real Party Of The Rich, Democrat Congressman Says $174,000 Salary Not Enough To Pay Bills | Burning Truth

If you are going to make a stupid statement about a six figure salary not being enough for you, maybe not do it the same exact week a confirms your party is the real .

FBI seizes Native American, other artifacts at rural Indiana home – CBS News

A team of agents, archaeologists and other experts are confiscating Native American and other and relics from a collection described as having immeasurable cultural significance from a home in rural central , authorities said.

EPA claims no wrongdoing in testing pollutants on humans | The Daily Caller

The IG report found that “exposure risks were not always consistently represented and that “the did not include information on long-term cancer risks in its diesel exhaust studies’ consent forms.”

Army’s ban on twists, other natural hairstyles sparks calls of racial bias

A new U.S. regulation that bans an array of natural hairstyles has sparked some backlash, with African American women arguing that the rule has a racial and cultural component.

Dealership Sues Longtime Customer For $25,000 Over Dash Cam Video

Dwayne Cooney took his Chevy Malibu in for service to Jim Butler Chevrolet to fix a few minor issues. According to his dash cam, the work took an hour and a half. He was charged $600 for four and half hours of work. And now the dealer is suing him for $25,000. What? [Updated with dealer comment]

Dealer: These Documents Prove It’s Right To Sue Customer For $25,000

Dwayne Cooney is being sued by Jim Butler Chevrolet for $25,000 after a dash cam inside his Malibu allegedly shows that he was charged for service time that the car didn’t receive. Jim Butler Chevrolet denies this, and they say these documents prove they’re correct.