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Obama, With Reluctance, Returns to Action in Iraq –

In sending warplanes back into the skies over , President on Thursday night found himself exactly where he did not want to be. Hoping to end the war in Iraq, Mr. became the fourth president in a row to order military action in that graveyard of American ambition.

Obama Finally Decides Not Just Illegal Immigrant Children Deserve Our Help, Bombs ISIS In Iraq | The Burning Truth

U.S. fighter jets launched a “targeted” on Friday against Islamic militants in Iraq, just hours after President Obama authorized military action to protect U.S. personnel and Iraqi civilians.

New Jersey Officer Who Said He Didn’t Have to Follow Constitution Because Obama ‘Decimated’ It Resigns |

The 59-year-old made the comments after confronting an individual inside a municipal building who was investigating alleged problems with a local animal shelter. Recine repeatedly questioned the individual who cited his Constitutional right to be in the public building recording.

The Three Words a Minnesota Cafe Is Putting on the Bottom of Every Customer Bill Is Igniting a Nasty War of Words | Video |

Oasis Cafe in Stillwater, Minnesota, has started putting three words on the bottom of every customer’s receipt — and once word got out earlier this week, the ’s move ignited a decidedly nasty war of words online, placing the tiny establishment in the center of a statewide debate.

Feds Will Spend $450K to Help Native Americans Adapt to ‘Climate Change’ | CNS News

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) plans to spend up to $450,000 in taxpayer dollars to teach Native American tribes in the Great Basin region ”climate adaptation plans” for their hunting, fishing and gathering activities.

Scientists Say They Can Transform Used Cigarette Filters Into Superconductors |

When you flick that cigarette butt on the ground, you might as well be throwing away a battery, according to these South Korean scientists.

Federal Lawsuit: Soldier Forced Out of Army on ‘False’ Charges After Two Years of Harassment for Expressing Anti-Obama, Pro-Conservative Views |

The suit notes that Sommers ”expressed his political beliefs within the constraints of Department of Defense (DOD) regulations. As a result he has been systematically persecuted by a politically correct cabal who has repeatedly tried to censor his speech and mock his religious beliefs,” among them his belief in traditional marriage.

Official quits stamp board, accuses Postal Service of ‘prostituting’ program after Harry Potter decision | Fox News

Harry Potter was perhaps the final straw.

Whatever Happened to the Benghazi Select Committee? – The Wire

Friday will mark exactly three months since House Republicans, with great fanfare, voted to impanel the Select Committee on – a tribunal charged with uncovering the truth behind the 2012 terrorist attack after five other congressional committees had apparently fallen short.