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UPDATE: FBI NOTIFIED – FOURTH Bulk Cell Phone Purchase at Mid-Missouri Walmart – The Gateway Pundit

Today a fourth Walmart in Jefferson City in mid-Missouri reported another bulk cell phone purchase.

FDA Approves Revolutionary Gunshot Wound Treatment | The Daily Caller

The device works by injecting about 92 tiny sponges into the target area that immediately expand and quickly stops the bleeding. The sponges are made from wood pulp, ensuing they don’t dissolve inside the body, and are coated in antimicrobial material. If they get stuck inside, X-rays can easily identify them.

Colorado ACLU Board Member Denies Supporting Violence Against Trump Supporters | The Daily Caller

The Colorado ACLU board member who suggested threatening violence against Donald Trump supporters has deleted the Facebook post where he made the comments and now claims they were somehow taken out of context.

Rush Limbaugh destroys Carly Fiorina – MFP

Rush Limbaugh destroys Carly Fiorina

Rush has a point. Aside from that, in head to head polling right now, Trump does better against Hillary than Fiorina does.

RealClearPolitics – 2016 Presidential Race

2016 Presidential Race

Lawsuit argues revisions to Indiana’s RFRA law violate the Constitution –

Conservative groups are challenging the limits that were placed on Indiana’s religious objections law after last spring’s national uproar over whether it could be used to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

Thank You Kurt Russell. A Little Common Sense On Gun Control And Terrorism From Hollywood. – The Burning Truth

So he DID do it, then? Colo. Springs ACLU co-chair resigns over threats to Trump voters –

And now that he’s been busted, he’s reportedly resigning his position with the ACLU:

School Smacks Down Student’s Yearbook Photo Featuring Rifle, American Flag — See How This No-Nonsense Dad Responds |

A North Dakota dad says that his son’s high school told his son that he couldn’t submit a photo of himself holding a rifle for the school yearbook.

The Great E-Cigarette Cover-Up: Why Big Pharma And Public Health Are Lying About The Dangers Of Vaping | The Daily Caller

Major pharmaceutical companies and pubic health activists are among the leading culprits spreading disinformation about the health risks of e-cigarettes.

Gallup Show Smoking Rate Collapsing As E-Cigarette Use Soars | The Daily Caller

A new Gallup poll shows cigarette smoking among young adults has plummeted to a new low just one month after data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed e-cigarette use surging.

Now There’s Video=> Jimmy Carter Bans Iranian Immigrants from US, Deported Students During Hostage Crisis – The Gateway Pundit

Here is a screengrab from the ABC News report of President Carter’s Iran speech – with a TV caption reading “prohibiting immigration.”

Immigration and Our Founding Fathers’ Values | VDARE – premier news outlet for patriotic immigration reform

In a 1790 House debate on naturalization, James Madison opined: “It is no doubt very desirable that we should hold out as many inducements as possible for the worthy part of mankind to come and settle amongst us, and throw their fortunes into a common lot with ours. But why is this desirable?”