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The Small Detail You May Have Missed in the News of Obama Signing the Budget Bill Thursday |

On Thursday morning, signed the much-maligned, bipartisan budget deal along with a defense bill and five other pieces of legislation while vacationing in Hawaii. But there’s a small detail in that sentence that’s interesting: unlike when he “signed” the fiscal cliff bill into law during last Christmas’s Hawaiian vacation, Obama actually put his signature to these bills in person.

Figures. Obama Tried to Sign Up for Obamacare But “System Couldn’t Verify His Identity” (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

According to the White House, President Obama tried to symbolically sign up for but the system didn’t recognize him.

Federal Judge Rules NSA Phone Surveillance Is Legal |

A federal on Friday found that the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of millions of Americans’ telephone records is legal and a valuable part of the nation’s arsenal to counter the threat of terrorism.

NSA can easily find individuals hidden in metadata – study — RT USA

In defending the ’s surveillance policies, many have cited the agency’s claim that it merely collects phone numbers dialed, lengths of calls, and other metadata. Yet researchers now say the can identify individuals in that vast collection of data.

PIN numbers removed but data ‘safe and secure’ in security breach, Target says | Fox News

said Friday that debit-card numbers were among the financial information stolen from millions of customers who shopped at the retailer earlier this month.

White Man Charged with Hate Crime for Targeting Black Man in ‘Knockout’ Game

After months of silence regarding the black-on-white violence common to the “knockout” game in states like New York and New Jersey and cities like Chicago and DC, federal authorities have charged a white man with a for targeting a black victim in the “knockout” game.

Another ‘Knockout’ Attack Reported on Jewish Woman in Brooklyn | The Gateway Pundit

A woman walking along a Brooklyn street Saturday became the latest apparent victim of the sick “.” The 33-year-old was walking down the block with her 7-year-old daughter when she was ambushed in front of 1212 Elm Street in Midwood by a Black male in his thirties.

Local courts reviving ‘debtors’ prison’ for overdue fines, fees | Fox News

As if out of a Charles Dickens novel, people struggling to pay overdue fines and fees associated with court costs for even the simplest traffic infractions are being thrown in jail across the United States.

Divorce Coach: Why It’s Hard To Get Divorced During Holidays | Abby Rodman | YourTango

If you’re in the throes of contemplating divorce at this time of year, you’ve probably already figured out this is a difficult time to make your intentions known to family and friends. The perfect moment you’ve been waiting for to make this all-important announcement is being foiled by another round of impending holidays. You have as much chance of getting this wrapped up now as Boston has of having a snowless winter.

Christmas seen as one of most dangerous times for cheating partners | Mail Online

Adulterers are texting their way into trouble over Christmas – with lawyers saying the festive season is one of the most dangerous times for getting caught out.