Show Prep: Fri, Jan. 30

<strong><a href=””>WH: Taliban Tactics ‘Akin To Terrorism,’ Not A Terror Group | The Daily Caller</a></strong>
<blockquote>Earnest told ABC’s Jon Karl that while the Taliban does engage in “tactics akin to terrorism,” they are not an official terrorist group. Earnest added though that the Taliban is a “very dangerous organization” during Thursday’s press briefing.</blockquote>
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<strong><a href=”″>Group White House Says Doesn’t Qualify as “Terrorists” Kills Three Americans in Afghanistan – Katie Pavlich</a></strong>
<blockquote>Just one day after White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz made that claim, three Americans were killed in Afghanistan by members of the Taliban.</blockquote>
<strong><a href=””>Official: Gitmo prisoner traded for Bergdahl reaching out to Taliban | Fox News</a></strong>
<blockquote>One of the five Taliban fighters traded last year for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is trying to make contact with the Taliban once again, Fox News has learned.</blockquote>
<strong><a href=””>Brooke Goldstein NAILS IT on why the Obama admin won’t call the Taliban a TERRORIST group » The Right Scoop -</a></strong>
<blockquote>Brooke Goldstein boils it down for everyone on why the Obama administration won’t call the Taliban a terrorist organization:</blockquote>
<strong><a href=””>Indiana House committee passes ban on plastic beads polluting lakes</a></strong>
<blockquote>An Indiana House committee unanimously passed a bill that would ban the sale and manufacture of soaps and cosmetics containing tiny plastic particles that environmentalists say are polluting water resources.</blockquote>
<strong><a href=”″>Plastic microbead ban OK with manufacturers – Technology &amp; Science – CBC News</a></strong>
<blockquote>U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone Jr., a New Jersey Democrat, introduced a bill Wednesday proposing a nationwide ban that would take effect in 2018.</blockquote>
<strong><a href=””>Lawmakers may ban plastic ‘microbeads’ used in bath products |</a></strong>
<blockquote>hearing for a bill that would ban synthetic microbeads, but environmental groups say the proposed bill doesn’t do enough.</blockquote>
<strong><a href=””>Army expresses surprise about racism allegations over deleted tweet – The Washington Post</a></strong>
<blockquote>Lt. Col. Alayne Conway, an Army public affairs officer, said Friday that the service was surprised by the reaction “since there is nothing even remotely racial” in the expression.</blockquote>
<strong><a href=””>John Kerry slapped with $50 fine for not shoveling sidewalk | New York Post</a></strong>
<blockquote>Secretary of State John Kerry was fined $50 for failing to clear snow from the sidewalk on the side of his home in Boston.</blockquote>
<strong><a href=””>Benjamin Preisler Herbst: Man told he can’t change his name to Superhero – but Ninja is OK according to Denmark government | Metro News</a></strong>
<blockquote>after a tense four-month wait, Herbst was told that Superhero was ‘inappropriate’.</blockquote>
<strong><a href=”″>Company will create unique baby name for $31K – NY Daily News</a></strong>
<blockquote>A Swiss company called Erfolgswelle promises to create a one-of-a-kind baby moniker for the low price of $31,000, the Daily News has confirmed.</blockquote>
<strong><a href=””>Judge: Men cannot be forced to squat to pee – SFGate</a></strong>
<blockquote>”Anyone who still practices this formerly dominant custom has to expect occasional clashes with their flatmates, particularly female ones,” the judge said. “But they don’t have to worry about damage to the marble floor.”</blockquote>
<strong><a href=””>Twitter mocks Christie’s unintentionally profane PAC acronym: The Auditor |</a></strong>
<blockquote>When the PAC’s name is combined with its website’s domain suffix (.org), its acronym is LMFAO.</blockquote>
<strong><a href=””>CUNY Tells Profs Not to Say ‘Mr.’ or ‘Ms.’ Because That’s Offensive and Illegal-ish (It’s Not) – Hit &amp; Run :</a></strong>
<blockquote>The City University of New York, a public institution bound by the First Amendment to grant the members of its community broad free speech rights, has issued a decree on the manner in which professors will now be expected to greet each other, as well as their students. More on that later.</blockquote>
<strong><a href=””>Mick Foley — EJECTED FROM WING CONTEST … You Cheated!! |</a></strong>
<blockquote>WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley DISGRACED HIMSELF at the biggest chicken wing competition in Philly Thursday night … when he was caught cheating RED-HANDED and got booted from the contest.</blockquote>
<strong><a href=””>Lisa Leach – Some thoughts on the constitutional carry bill…</a></strong>
<blockquote>Indiana House Bill 1144 is a very bad idea. No one should be supporting this bill at all.</blockquote>