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French police kill Paris massacre suspects, hostage-taking ally in separate raids | Fox News

Near-simultaneous raids by French police Friday evening at locations 25 miles apart took out the Islamist brothers behind Wednesday’s massacre at a Paris satirical magazine and a cop-killing crony who had seized hostages at a Paris grocery on their behalf, but also left at least four hostages dead, according to authorities and reports from the scene.

Paris Terrorists Dead | The Daily Caller

Brothers Chérif and Saïd Kouachi, the suspects in Wednesday’s terrorist massacre at French magazine Charlie Hebdo, are dead. Their deaths follow a two-day manhunt and a siege, where they held one person hostage, at a printing house 20 miles outside Paris. Their hostage has been freed.

One-Third of Americans – and 51 Percent of Democrats – Favor Hate Speech Laws – Hit & Run :

Fully 51 percent of self-identified Democrats supported hate-speech laws.

Obama to propose two free years of community college for students – Allie Grasgreen – POLITICO

President Barack Obama will need the approval of Congress to realize his proposal for making two years of community college free for students.

Obama’s Free Tuition Plan Is a Subsidy for Colleges, Not Students – Hit & Run :

California has a very cheap community college program. Annual tuition can cost less than $1,500 a year. According to this college calculation service, you’re likely to spend more on books than you will on your classes.

Free Community College Barack Obama | The Daily Caller

Critics are charging that President Barack Obama’s proposal to publicly fund community college tuition would amount to a lavish subsidy for schools, but would do little to reduce costs or improve success rates for students.

Illinois concealed carry fails to produce hoped for bloodshed and mayhem « Hot Air

One year ago, Illinois was forced by the courts to allow the issuance of concealed carry permits over the great objections of anti-gun rights groups. We were warned that there would be “blood in the streets” and carnage unbound. After twelve months of this horrid state of affairs, the police in the Land of Lincoln report that the event has turned out to be pretty much a big nothing-burger.

Authorities call year-old concealed-carry law a ‘non-event’ |

While gun violence remains a problem across Illinois, the state’s year-old concealed-carry law has had no noticeable negative effect, local authorities say.

What do you mean all Country music sounds the same?!? (Video)

YouTuber SirMashalot mashes together the No. 1 Country hits from the past six years. The results are damning.

NOAA: 2014 Was Only The 34th Warmest On Record For U.S. | The Daily Caller

NOAA says the 2014 average contiguous U.S. temperature was 52.6 degrees Fahrenheit, about 0.5 degrees above the 20th Century average. The climate agency said very “warm conditions dominated the West, with four states having their warmest year on record, while the Midwest and Mississippi Valley were cool” and that the “temperature exceeded the 20th Century average for the 18th consecutive year.”