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Uh Oh! Obamacare Architect Argued Years Ago That States Without Exchanges Can’t Get Subsidies | The Burning Truth

The law was written to only allow state run exchanges to get . This was done to essentially force the states to set their own exchanges, and apply political pressure on Republican governors to accept . If they didn’t, constituents were supposed to be outraged that they were paying more for insurance than other Americans because they lost the .

Study: Tylenol Is Useless for Back Pain

If you are a human who has successfully survived past the age of 30, chances are you’ve experienced lower , a condition brought on by excessive sitting, standing, inactivity, or moving. A new says: there is no relief.

USDA Suggests Changes to Grocery Stores to ‘Nudge’ Consumers to Eat Healthy | Washington Free Beacon

The U.S. Department of Agriculture () is suggesting major changes to grocery stores to “nudge” Americans to purchase healthier foods when they shop.

The Fast Diet author DR MICHAEL MOSLEY says he ‘was wrong’ | Mail Online

Milk, cheese, butter, cream – in fact all saturated fats – are bad for you. Or so I believed ever since my days as a medical student nearly 30 years ago.

Beer Is Americans’ Adult Beverage of Choice This Year

As they have for most of the past two decades, Americans who drink alcohol choose over wine and liquor as the type of alcohol they imbibe most often. This year, 41% of U.S. drinkers report they typically drink ; 31% name wine and 23% name liquor.

Americans Still Oppose Lowering the Drinking Age

Thirty years after federal legislation established 21 as a uniform minimum age to drink alcohol in all states, Americans are widely opposed to lowering the legal to 18. Seventy-four percent say they would oppose such legislation, while 25% would favor it. The level of opposition is similar to what Gallup has measured in the past.