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Obama on Iraq: “This Is Not Solely or Even Primarily a Military Challenge” (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

What the hell is he talking about?

Obama urges Iraq’s leaders to ‘solve their problems,’ reviewing US options | Fox News

Secretary of State John Kerry, who put the onus on the Nouri al-Maliki government to “put sectarian differences aside and to come together in unity to begin to be more representative and inclusive.”

Iraq crisis: the jihadist behind the takeover of Mosul – and how America let him go – Telegraph

Why such a ferocious individual was deemed fit for release in 2009 is not known. One possible explanation is that he was one of thousands of suspected insurgents granted amnesty as the US began its draw down in Iraq. Another, though, is that rather like Keyser Söze, the enigmatic crimelord in the film The Usual Suspects, he may actually be several different people.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard deploys to Iraq to stop Sunni terror group – Washington Times

With U.S. forces out of Iraq and the nation spinning out of control, the nation has turned to someone else to help quell the violence: the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Mother, jailed for truant kids, found dead in cell |

A Pennsylvania mother of seven died in a jail cell where she was serving a two-day sentence for her children’s absence from school, drawing complaints from the judge that sent her there about a broken system that punishes impoverished parents.

FLASHBACK: Should kids with head lice be allowed at school? – CBS News

And some school nurses are no longer sending home the dreaded “lice note” to other parents with kids in the classroom, alerting them to the possibility of lice in their own child’s precious locks. The policy shift is designed to help keep children from missing class, shield children with lice from embarrassment and protect their privacy.

Professor’s fellowship terminated for speaking out on global warming in the Wall Street Journal | Watts Up With That?

“If people ever say that fears of censorship for ‘climate change’ views are overblown, have them take a look at this: Just two days after I published a piece in the Wall Street Journal calling for Africa to be allowed the ‘all of the above’ energy strategy we have in the U.S., the Institute for Policy Studies terminated my 23-year relationship with them…because my analysis and theirs ‘diverge.’”

A blue planet through and through: Earth’s largest water reservoir is found trapped 400 miles BENEATH the surface | Mail Online

The Earth’s largest expanse of water isn’t on the surface of the planet, but instead is buried deep within its mantle, researchers have found.

Thanks To Hateful Feminists #EndFathersDay Trends On Twitter | The Gateway Pundit

Twatter @TashaPolwright appears to be a dues paying member of Progressives Only Feminist Movement (POFM) and 100% agrees with the idea. #SingleMothersDay #endfathersday because who really needs a father? Boys don’t need a rape instructor.

A good reason to #EndFathersDay: It’s a gendered holiday – Los Angeles Times

There is an alternative: the all-inclusive Parents’ Day. Signed into law by President Clinton, the occasion is observed the fourth Sunday of July. Think of how Lincoln’s birthday and Washington’s birthday gave way to Presidents Day. Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day, included every parental type when she wrote of a day “for sons and daughters to honor their mothers and fathers.”

MUST WATCH: Bill Whittle explains why Benghazi matters (You’ll want to bookmark this one) » The Right Scoop –

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