Show Prep: Fri, June 27

I feel like I’m missing some things in the today, but I had a browser crash which messed up my system for making the post.

Henry Davis Junior sends controversial tweet

A St. Joe County organization is upset about a Council member’s twitter post.

Officers take concerns about police chief to HR | ABC57 | South Bend IN News, Weather and Sports | Local News

Several South Bend Police officers are planning to meet with the city’s human resources department to discuss their concerns about South Bend Ron Teachman.

Obama: ‘I’m Just Going to Make It Up As I Go Along’ | CNS News

The man dubbed the leader of the free world — beset by foreign and domestic policy crises, sinking in the opinion polls, and just clipped by the Supreme Court — told a gathering in Minnesota Thursday that he’s looking forward to spending a “couple days here in the Twin Cities.”

Your Doctor Knows You’re Killing Yourself. The Data Brokers Told Her – Bloomberg

You may soon get a call from your if you’ve let your gym membership lapse, made a habit of picking up candy bars at the check-out counter or begin shopping at plus-sized stores.

Police Confiscate Healthy Baby For “Testing” Because Of Off-Grid Birth

Recently, a Pennsylvania woman named Fatima Doumbouya had doctors take away her seven day old completely healthy . They called police and social workers simply because she gave birth at her own home. The doctors from St. Joseph’s Hospital then transferred her to another hospital without her permission. If you are starting to get upset that’s normal. Something is seriously wrong. This poor woman continues to explain: “The doctor came in the room with a stern look and said if you refuse to transfer her, we WILL CONTACT DHS (Department of Human Services) AND THE POLICE.” Doumbouya and her husband refused permission because they felt there was no need for it, but little did they realize that doctors had already decided to move their daughter to another Hospital in Philadelphia.

Mexico Apologizes After Helicopter Fires at U.S. Border Patrol | TIME

A controlled by officials travelled across the border Thursday and fired on U.S. Border Patrol agents, a U.S. official said. apologized and No one was hurt in the incident, which is under investigation.