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D-Day: Presidential radio address to the nation – YouTube.

D-Day: Presidential radio address to the nation – YouTube.

Parent Calls Foul on ‘Raunch-Fest’ H.S. Award Ceremony | Truth Revolt

I sat there with my mouth open in shock and the final straw was when a joke was told on stage about a teacher, a lawyer and a priest on a plane. The plane was going down and the teacher says we have to save the children. The attorney says “F*** the children!” and the priest says “OOOOH..Do we have time for that???”

General Eisenhower– D-Day Broadcast – YouTube.

General Eisenhower– D-Day Broadcast – YouTube.

Man protests with patriotic paint job – FOX 13 News

At first glance, it may appear Bradenton homeowner Brent Greer is filled with patriotism, but there is much more behind the red, white and blue paint job on his home.

Special Counsel Investigating 37 Cases of VA Retaliation Against Whistleblowers

The OSC gives three examples of alleged retaliation toward VA whistleblowers they are looking into and were able to provide “interim relief to these employees” through requested stays to the particular VA’s in question. » Blog Archive » VA Chief: 18 Vets Left off Waiting List Have Died

An additional 18 veterans in the Phoenix area whose names were kept off an official electronic Veterans Affairs appointment list have died, the agency’s acting secretary said Thursday — the latest revelation in a growing scandal over long patient waits for care and falsified records covering up the delays at VA hospitals and clinics nationwide.

Federal regs for auto dealers costing US economy more than $10B, study says | Fox News

Forrest McConnell III, chairman of National Automobile Dealers Association, said car buyers are generally unaware of how the burden of regulation compliance adds to the cost of a car. “They would be shocked to know that 21 percent of the cost of the car is just what the manufacturer’s cost is for compliance, “ he said. “That takes money out of their pockets honestly and hurts jobs,too.”

University Presidents Oppose Guns On Campus | The Daily Caller

A study commissioned by Ball State University polled 401 university presidents in the U.S. and found that 95 percent of them do not want students with concealed handguns to be allowed at their universities. Furthermore, most weren’t comfortable with students having guns anywhere else either, as 65 percent of them opposed the carrying of concealed handguns off-campus.

Student Armed With Pepper Spray Stopped Mass Shooter | ASD (Agamemnon Self-Defense)

Yet another example of how effective pepper spray is when used properly.