Boy ‘excluded’ from World Book Day event after dressing Fifty Shades of Grey character | Daily Mail Online

A schoolboy was ‘excluded’ from World Book Day celebrations after turning up dressed as a Fifty Shades of Grey character.

Group Seeks To Put Margaret Sanger’s Face On $20 Bill : The Burning Truth

Women on 20’s of course fails to mention ’s racial animus towards black people and eugenicist outlook on humanity, which fueled much of her desire to push birth control. In her book Pivot of Civilization, Sanger describes African Americans and immigrants as “human weeds,” “reckless breeders,” and “spawning… human beings who never should have been born.”

Internet users post series of hilarious memes after Harrison Fords plane crash | Daily Mail Online

Obama’s move to ban AR-15 ammo is being shot down by House lawmakers – Washington Times

A majority of House lawmakers now are on record opposing the Obama administration’s proposed ban on ammunition commonly used in rifles.

Grand Rapids wants open carry lawsuit tossed, says police stop justified |

The city has asked a judge to dismiss a federal lawsuit filed by an advocate whom police forced to the ground at gunpoint because he had a holstered firearm.

First-Grader Suspended for Pointing Fingers in Shape of Gun; Parents Say Punishment Seems ‘Extreme’ |

A first-grader was suspended from a Colorado elementary school for making a gesture with his hands during class Monday.

Outrage Over ‘White History Month’ Sign In Flemington Deli Window « CBS New York

A sign in a store window stirred up racial tension in Flemington, New Jersey this week.

Who’s more narcissistic, men or women? – CBS News

A new large-scale analysis of 355 previously published studies examined three decades worth of research involving more than 475,000 study participants. The researchers found that statistically men scored higher on personality tests for narcissism than women in every age group.

‘Googling’ information is making us mentally lazy, study claims | Daily Mail Online

Smartphones are making us less able to think for ourselves, researchers have claimed.