Video: US demands removal of 3D printed gun templates – Telegraph

The US State Department has written to the gun’s designer, Defense Distributed, saying that publishing such designs, which enable anyone with a 3D printer to produce their own plastic gun, could breach arms-control regulations.

The Pirate Bay now hosts banned 3D-printed gun files | Cutting Edge – CNET News

3D-Printed Gun Designs ‘Gone Dark’: Wiki-Weapons Project Removes Designs After Gov’t ‘Claims Control of the Information’ | Video |

Shoplifters using pepper spray flee security –

Police are searching for shoplifters armed with after two separate incidents this week in which police say a female shoplifter escaped with stolen goods by dousing a security officer with a chemical spray.


Guess we gotta ban pepper spray now. Too bad, I sell it.

More Adults Texting And Driving Than Teens | News – Indiana Public Media

State leaders are reminding Indiana motorists about the dangers of and driving. The latest survey shows adults are and driving even more than teens – 49% percent compared to 43%. The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute says those who text and drive are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash.  Institute Executive Director Mary Allen says state police are stepping up their road patrols this summer.

Is Siri safe? Researchers warn using voice recognition when you drive is just as dangerous as texting | Mail Online

The study by the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University was the first to compare voice-to-text and traditional texting on a handheld device in an actual driving environment.

Is your state’s highest-paid public employee a coach?

The highest-paid in many states is almost always a football or basketball coach, but there are a few surprises.

Injured Hispanic Custodian Sues School After Not Being Able to Read English Warning Sign | Video |

A group of custodians at Denver’s Auraria Campus are suing their employer, claiming they are victims of discrimination. One of those custodians, Bertha Ribota, claims she was injured on the job as a result of not being able read a warning sign in English, CBS reports.

IRS Apologizes for Targeting Conservative Groups During 2012 Election | Mediaite

During the 2012 election campaign, some conservative groups complained that the Internal Revenue Service was applying increased scrutiny to political committees supporting conservative candidates when applying for tax-exempt status. It turns out that they were right. A spokesperson for the IRS confirmed on Friday that conservative groups were targeted by the tax collection agency for additional scrutiny during that election cycle.

SHOCK: IRS Admits to Targeting Conservative Groups During 2012 Election, Apologizes |

The story has taken yet another weird turn. The IRS in an attempt to explain itself released the following statement [emphases added]:

ABC Releases Big Benghazi Report: Talking Points Changed 12 Times, ‘Dramatically Edited by Administration,’ and Scrubbed of Terror References | Video |

The talking points used by Amb. Susan Rice on the Sunday shows on the weekend after the 9/11/12 terror attack in underwent at least 12 edits –  including revisions by the Obama administration’s State Department — new obtained by News show. Those revisions included scrubbing all references to an Al Qaeda-affiliated group and all references to previous CIA warnings about a terror threat.