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Bombshell: Obamacare Website Company Was Fired by Canadian Government for Poor Performance | The Gateway Pundit

So Obama took a Canadian company that Canadian officials for screwing up their health care and gave it a much bigger job.

Enrollment in Obamacare Exchanges: How Will Your Health Insurance Fare?

House stenographer starts yelling about God right after debt ceiling crisis averted | Mail Online

The who went on a religious rant in the House of Representatives last night following the debt ceiling vote said that she had been working up the courage to do God’s work.

What the Obamacare Website Failure Teaches Us About Crony Capitalism | Acton PowerBlog

Why did the government spend a half-billion on the equivalent of a 404-page? Because of crony capitalism. Mike Masnick lists the political cronies who were hired to build the site despite having a “long history of screwed up giant IT projects”:

Obamacare website was a no-bid government contract |

Federal officials considered only one firm to design the health insurance exchange website that has performed abysmally since its Oct. 1 debut.

BANNED O-Care Video !!!

NOTE: if you should accidentally click the video and watch it by mistake you will be forgiven this one time only, as it may have appeared to be a legitimate propaganda for O-care to the masses and your righteous anger and comments as to how horrible the video is are welcomed.

House stenographer starts yelling about God right after debt ceiling crisis averted | Mail Online

‘The Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons. They go against God. You cannot serve two masters. You cannot serve two masters. Praise be to God. Lord Jesus Christ. Praise be to Jesus.’

Sweet Deal for Federal Workers! After Two Weeks Of Paid Time Off Congress Gives Them A Raise, Too | The Gateway Pundit

The budget measure that ended the partial government shutdown allows for a 1 percent raise for federal employees in January in addition to providing back pay for those furloughed, according to two Democratic Maryland senators.

Federal judge: I should’ve ruled against Indiana’s voter ID law | Journal and Courier |

The federal who wrote the majority opinion in a ruling that bolstered Indiana’s influential voter identification law has changed his mind.

Wal-Mart employee fired for doing the right thing | The Daily Caller

A Hartland, Mich. employee was fired this week after he attempted to help a customer who was being assaulted in the store parking lot.

Walmart Employee Fired After Trying To Help Assault Victim In Store Parking Lot | Indiana’s NewsCenter: News, Sports, Weather, Fort Wayne WPTA-TV, WISE-TV, and CW | Local

Now that he’s out of a job, Oswald says, “I don’t even know what to put on an application about all of this. How do I say this ended?”

Republicans Have Introduced Alternatives To Obamacare For Years | RedState

Liberals say pervasively that Republicans have no alternatives to replace Obamacare, and that their only plan seems to be a voucher system. Given how abysmal the GOP has been at messaging, that narrative is now entrenched. Yet, the fact remains that Republicans doled out many bills reforming health care in America. Even George W. Bush offered alternatives to help curb costs and maintain the quality of care during his presidency. Democrats may not have liked their plans, but they exist nonetheless. Chris Conover at Forbes listed the Republican history on health care reform in his August 28 post. Let’s go down the line.

House Republicans file, promote an alternative to Obamacare – Washington Times

The Republican Study Committee on Wednesday unveiled a 181-page alternative to the massive federal health care law passed in 2010, touting their “market-focused” reforms as a viable way to fix the nation’s broken health care system without imposing mandates and taxes on Americans.