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Facebook Bans Gun Rights Activist’s Page Over Likening CT Gun Laws To Nazi Germany | Truth Revolt

Emery received an alert from that said, “You’re temporarily blocked from posting. This temporary block will last 30 days and you won’t be able to post on until it’s finished. You’re repeatedly posted things that aren’t allowed on . Read the Community Standards to learn what kinds of posts aren’t allowed.”

Assault Weapons Bans Do Nothing To Curb Gun Violence

Remember in elementary school, when your teacher punished the entire class because of one kid who wouldn’t behave? Well, yesterday a federal judge ruled that the government of Maryland can punish all of the law-abiding gun owners in the state due to the actions of a few crazed individuals.

Gun Maker Blocked from Processing Credit Card Sales — and Guess Which Obama Policy Its Blaming for It |

A Oregon-based gun maker said Thursday that it has been blocked from processing credit card transactions by its long-standing credit card company, and believes it is the latest victim of the Obama administration’s “Operation Choke Point.”

The Daily Caller’s Alphabet Of Racism: The Letter ‘T’ | The Daily Caller

The TV show “” is racist, wrote Tracy van Syke for the Guardian in July, because good engines puff white smoke and bad engines puff black smoke. She is so relieved her son doesn’t have “a manic train fascination like so many other children,” because although the show “seems to impart good moral lessons about hard work and friendship,” it is in reality “concealing some pretty twisted, anachronistic messages” — it’s racist, classist, sexist and anti-environmentalist. The smoke is just one example. “I’d like to think there was a good environmental message in there,” she writes, “but when the good engines pump out white smoke and the bad engines pump out black smoke … it’s not hard to make the leap into the race territory.”

Facebook’s Messenger App Has More Spyware Than Spy Programs | The Daily Caller

Facebook was the recipient of sharp criticism from Android users last month when the company released its new mandatory app, which collected an unprecedented amount of private information about its users — now it seems the iOS version for iPhone users could give it a run for its data.

NEA Wants To Amend Constitution To Keep Others From Politics | The Daily Caller

The National Education Association, which spends millions of dollars each election cycle on campaign speech, has zealously endorsed a constitutional amendment that would limit everyone else’s ability to spend money speaking about politics.

Adrian Peterson — Indicted for Child Abuse … Doc Reported Injuries |

Minnesota Vikings superstar has been indicted for child abuse in North Montgomery County, TX … TMZ Sports has learned.

Mommy Blogger: ‘Why I Want My Sons to See Me Naked’ |

In a blog posted on the front page of The Huffington Post, blogger Rita Templeton reveals that she wants her four “relatively young” sons to see her .