Show Prep: Fri, Sept. 27

Sorry about not posting this Friday. The tech gremlins in the studio continued, and deleted my prep post before it went live.

Here’s some links from Friday’s show. I apologize if I missed anything.

IWF – White House Insider: Republicans Are Terrorists

Senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer on Thursday compared Republican to suicide bombers as the showdown over a possible government shutdown intensified.

Senate Gets Second Amendment Wrong – Conservative Byte

A .gov web page covering the Constitution gets the scope of the Second Amendment wrong, telling readers that it is not clear whether the amendment protects an individual right or a collective right.

Is the green movement too white? Van Jones thinks so | The Daily Caller

Is the “green” movement too white? According to former Obama administration green jobs czar , it is.

Michigan rep: Drug testing for unemployment benefits? Then drug test state lawmakers too |

“If we are going to take one segment of those who receive public assistance, or are on the public payroll, we should be drug testing everyone on the public dole, and that should start with legislators,” Switalski told reporters after the session. “It’s always about deeming whether someone is suitable for work.”

The ‘Wussification of America’?: Youth Football League Fines Teams $200 When They Win by 35 Points | Video |

NBC Sports’ Dave Briggs called the move the latest chapter in the “wussification of America” and a “ridiculous rule,” saying it teaches “lesser teams that there’s always someone there to cushion to blow.”

Gay Activists Call for Boycott of Major Pasta Company After Chairman Claims He’d Never Feature a Same-Sex Family in Ads |

Is Barilla the new Chick-fil-A? If rhetoric and reaction are any indication, then it’s quite possible that a comparison between the two may soon be warranted. While the furor over Guido Barilla, 55, the pasta company’s chairman, hasn’t quite hit a fever-pitch yet, it’s headed that way.

Woman makes sandwiches for boyfriend; liberals make poopy in pants | The Daily Caller

My boyfriend E is obsessed with two things: Star Wars and sandwiches. During a Sunday lunchtime viewing of “Return of the Jedi” he told me: “you are 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!” … And so, I got cooking

Modern Day Matchmaker: Top 9 Myths About Men |

I once had the honor of being asked to discuss man myths on a popular daytime talk show. To prepare, I surveyed my twitter following and asked women what they believe are the biggest male truths. These are their top responses and the reasons why each is actually a myth.