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Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first female PM, dead at 87 –

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, a towering figure in postwar British and world politics and the only woman to become British prime minister, has died at the age of 87.

Bill would ease path to expunge convictions –

The bill allows those convicted of misdemeanors and minor Class D felonies that would be later converted to misdemeanors to ask the court to the record five years after the if they have not been convicted of a crime since, have completed the sentence and are not facing any pending charges.

Indiana Criminal Offense Levels

A Class “D” felony is the lowest level of felony crime in Indiana.  A Class D felony conviction carries a penalty of six (6) months to three (3) years in prison and up to a $10,000.00 fine.  In addition, in certain circumstances, a D felony conviction can be reduced to a Class A misdemeanor through a procedure known as AMS (Alternative Misdemeanor Sentencing). Class “D” felony offenses include Dealing or Possession of Marijuana greater than thirty (30) grams or in any amount with a prior marijuana conviction; Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated (OWI) as a second offense within five (5) years; Maintaining a Common Nuisance; Theft; Criminal Confinement and Residential Entry.

New MSNBC promo: “We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents” « Hot Air

Hillary made this same point more digestible for the public by ladling on warm-fuzzy sauce about a “village” raising a child together.

So, if my kid isn’t my kid, why do I have the full financial burden of raising her? Besides, she is completely wrong about funding.

U.S. Education Spending & Student Performance vs. The World Infographic | MAT@USC

We’ve put together this infographic that compares the United States’ education spend and performance versus eleven countries.  The U.S. is the clear leader in total annual spending, but ranks 9th in Science performance and 10th in Math.

Ga. Official Wants to Start Charging For Those Free Gov’t-Subsidized Cell Phones |

A utility regulator in Georgia wants to charge low-income residents $5 a month to get government-funded telephone service, a step that he says will deter fraud.

Anonymous school threat in Elkhart and St. Joe Co.

Elkhart police are investigating an anonymous threat made to schools within Elkhart County and St. Joe County.

Michael Bloomberg needs more thorough background check system for his ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns’

According to court documents, the mayor is accused of having a police officer pick up a 20-year-old friend in a police cruiser and bring him to his home. Inside, the mayor allegedly served the minor alcohol and asked for sexual favors.
When the man refused, the mayor allegedly told him he was a hostage and fired his gun inside of the home, court documents said.

Michelle Malkin » Michael Bloomberg needs more thorough background check system for his ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns’

In related stories, the Mayors Against Illegal should encourage its members and former members to also be against illegal drunk driving, corruption, bribes and child sex crimes.

Robin Kelly: Conceal and Carry Failed in Aurora Shooting’s Gun-Free Theater

However, the Cinemark theater where the shooting took place was the only one within 20 minutes of suspect James Holmes’ apartment that had a policy banning guns from the premise. Victims and their families are preparing a lawsuit targeting Cinemark for allegedly failing to provide security for its patrons the night of the shooting.

Badass Mohawk gets kindergartener suspended from school | The Daily Caller

Was Purdue’s ‘This is Engineering’ video, starring Mitch Daniels, so sexist/racist that it should be taken down? | Indianapolis Star |

“This is indeed hipster racism to a catchy tune.”