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Bottle shock: Napa Valley quake shatters prized wine collections – Yahoo News

The quake that struck at 3:20 a.m. (1020 GMT) was centered 6 miles (10 km) south of Napa and injured dozens of people, damaged historic buildings, set some homes on fire and caused extensive power outages around the picturesque town of Napa.

Liberals’ Darling $2.2 Billion Solar Plant Suddenly Needs More of the One Thing You Would Never Expect |

But lately, it hasn’t been getting enough sunshine — despite being located in the blistering Mojave Desert southwest of Las Vegas — so the plant’s operators are asking for permission to bring in more of another fuel source: natural gas.

School sorry for making special ed kids sort trash | Mail Online

A California school district has apologized after parents learned of a ‘humiliating’ program that had special education students picking through trash after lunch time.

Philip Danks ‘cost Hollywood studio £2.3m’ with world’s first pirate copy of Fast & Furious movie | Mail Online

Philip Danks, 25, secretly filmed the sixth installment of the Hollywood action movie at a cinema in Walsall, West Midlands, on its UK release date and illegally uploaded it on the internet, costing Universal Pictures an estimated £2.3million.

File-Sharing Doesn’t Hurt Box Office Revenue, Research Finds | TorrentFreak

New research by economist Koleman Strumpf shows that there is no significant effect of movie piracy on box office revenues. This conclusion is based on data from 150 blockbuster movies that were released over a period of six years, using the popular Hollywood exchange as an indication for the revenue impact.

The Most Pirated Movies of 2013 — And Why Piracy Isn’t Hurting the Box Office | Underwire | WIRED

Despite the high number of pirated films, however, Hollywood isn’t hurting. The latest numbers show that 2013′s box office is poised to be the best yet with $10.9 billion domestically, slightly edging out 2012′s $10.8 billion. Researchers from Wellesley College and the University of Minnesota reached similar findings in a 2012 paper on the impact of film piracy, which stated that outside of international box office affected by release lags, “we do not see evidence of elevated sales displacement in US box office revenue following the adoption of BitTorrent, and we suggest that delayed legal availability of the content abroad may drive the losses to piracy.”

Most pirated films, TV shows and video games by US state is utterly fascinating – News – Films – The Independent

A map has been produced of the US states (mainland only) by most torrented films, TV series and video games, showing Illinois to made up of film connoisseurs, the east coast to be oddly obsessed with Californication and everyone to be rather fittingly pirating Watch Dogs.

Mainstream Media OUTRAGED that ‘Eye Socket Fracture’ Report Changed Narrative in #Ferguson | The Gateway Pundit

CNN media critic Brian Stelter bashed FOX News and The Gateway Pundit this week for reporting that Darren Wilson had suffered a fractured eye socket during his confrontation with Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Family friend tells WaPo: Yes, Darren Wilson did suffer an eye socket fracture « Hot Air

The signs of easing tensions came as a family friend of the officer who fatally shot Brown came forward to offer a version of the incident with new details, saying that the officer suffered a fracture to his eye socket in a scuffle with the unarmed teenager before opening fire.

Frustrated WaPo Sics NINE REPORTERS on Darren Wilson – Finds Nothing | The Gateway Pundit

Missing and unmentioned in the Post article are any complaints of mistreatment or racism by Officer Wilson from residents of Jennings and Ferguson prior to the Brown shooting.

NOW THERE ARE FOUR SOURCES: Officer Darren Wilson Suffered Fractured Eye Socket | The Gateway Pundit

On Tuesday The Gateway Pundit reported from two local St. Louis sources that police Officer Darren Wilson suffered facial fractures during his confrontation with deceased 18 year-old Michael Brown. Officer Wilson clearly feared for his life during the incident that led to the shooting death of Brown. This was after Michael Brown and his accomplice Dorian Johnson robbed a local Ferguson convenience store.

‘The Bullet’ Too Violent? University Newspaper Changes Name | Truth Revolt

The editorial board felt that the paper’s name, which alludes to ammunition for an artillery weapon, propagated violence and did not honor our school’s history in a sensitive manner. The board intends to remain faithful to the history our university stands upon, and we continue to honor this history both in a respectful and meaningful way.

One Man Has Waged a Two-Year Battle to Shut Down This Kid’s Lemonade Stand |

Persistence is key, both in running a business — and trying to persuade the government to shut one down.

VP Finally Worth Someting: Man Beats Gun Charge With Joe Biden Defense | Wizbang

For the first time our clownish vice president, Joey Biden, was finally useful to someone in this nation when a Washington State man used the “Joe Biden” defense to get himself out of a gun charge.

Advertisement removed after resident expresses offense | Vermont – WPTZ Home

It started with a post from one woman who wrote that the sign was insensitive to those who do not consume pork. She said as a Muslim she is personally offended by it.

Georgia dad files lawsuit to bring gun to daughter’s elementary school | Fox News

A Georgia father has filed a lawsuit after he says the principal at his daughter’s elementary school told him he was not allowed to bring his gun on school grounds.