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Hotel fines $500 for every bad review posted online | Page Six

A in tony Hudson, NY, has found a novel way to keep negative reviews off Yelp and other sites — fine any grousing guests.

Calling Your Daughter A Princess Is Sexist Now | The Daily Caller

Have you ever called your “princess” or, if you are a , have you been called “princess” by anyone? If so, you are scum.

Mike Watts builds own £2 toll road to bypass closure of A431 between Bath and Bristol | Metro News

A British businessman who has grown tired of council works closing off a road near his home has built his own detour, and is now charging motorists £2 each to use it.

School: 5-Year-Old Committed ‘Sexual Misconduct’ By Pulling Pants Down On Playground « CBS Las Vegas

A mother is upset after her 5-year-old son received detention for what his school is calling “sexual misconduct.”

EPA = Extremist Political Agenda

During the week of July 28, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) held hearings in four cities: Atlanta, Denver, Pittsburgh, and Washington. DC. The two-day sessions were to allow the public to have their voice heard about the proposed rules it released on June 2 that will supposedly cut CO2 emissions by 30 percent. Many, including myself, believe that these rules are really an attempt to shut down coal-fueled electricity generation and implement a cap-and-trade program that the Administration couldn’t get through Congress in 2009, when cap-and-trade’s obvious allies held both houses of Congress.

(Video) Enviro activist testifying at EPA hearings bursts into song ‘to honor the atmosphere’ – Yellowhammer News

Yesterday Yellowhammer brought you the emotional testimony of Alabama coal miner Walter Parker, who went to Atlanta to participate in the public hearings on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed “clean energy” plan that would require power plants to drastically reduce their emissions or shut down.

Hippies – Crying Over Dead Trees – YouTube

Over Dead Trees

Should We Return The Nutrients In Our Pee Back To The Farm? : The Salt : NPR

A small group of in Vermont isn’t as squeamish. Instead of flushing their pee down the drain, they’re collecting it with special toilets that separate No. 1 and No. 2.

Can ants save Earth from global warming? – The Times of India

Ants may be cooling the Earth by helping trap carbon dioxide from the environment, a new study has claimed.

Burlington considers law forcing carrying cases for all guns | — Quad Cities News & Weather from WQAD-

Burlington, Iowa is looking into an ordinance to make it illegal to openly carry a toy gun or conceal one with clothes.

Walmart Won’t Sell Beer to Dad With Teen In Tow – Hit & Run :

Via The Des Moines Register, your latest tale of our nanny culture gone nuts. This story comes courtesy of an Ames, Iowa, , where a man named Jim Davis was barred from buying a bottle of Smirnoff and two six-packs of Budweiser. The reason? Because he had his 15-year-old daughter with him.

Has this happened to you? Woman says Walmart won’t sell her alcohol because underage kids were present |

A woman and her daughters had a disappointing 4th of July a few weeks ago. She tried to buy at a Walmart, and the store wouldn’t let her because her underage daughters were there.