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Officers ask for destruction of South Bend Police tapes

The legal sparring continues in the case.

Michigan Cops Protect Citizens by Stealing Leaf Blowers From Cancer Patients – Hit & Run :

They did not charge him with a crime. Instead they took his stuff, including his car, his TV, his cellphone, his shotgun, and $11,000 in cash. They are trying to take his house too.

Florida, the Freest State in the Country? – Hit & Run :

Massive Warmist Smear Campaign Against Harvard Skeptic Scientist | The Daily Caller

Dr. Willie Soon’s crime was to publish a peer-reviewed study showing that climate models are simply running too hot – they overestimate temperature increases.

Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson warns business owners of deceptive letter

’s secretary of state is warning Hoosier businesses to be wary of a payment scam that’s tied to a deceptive letter.

‘American Sniper’ Snubbed At Oscars, Wins Best Sound Editing | The Daily Caller

Despite crushing box office records and earning more than $400 million, “” won just one Academy Award Sunday night after being nominated for six awards.

House rejects changes to Sunday alcohol sales bill | Local –

The Indiana House has rejected attempts to amend a bill that would lift Indiana’s 80-year-old ban on Sunday carry-out alcohol sales.

No measles vaccine? No school starting Monday for Vigo County students | Fox 59

Vigo County schools will not allow students who have not gotten the to come to class, starting Monday, unless there is a medical or religious reason.