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President Obama isn’t in Paris, but he will be in D.C. tomorrow honoring the San Antonio Spurs | Twitchy

As we noted earlier, President Obama was not at the unity in Paris, France today along with other , but he does have a really busy schedule on Monday that might explain his absence:

Our flag was not there: Obama and America shamefully skip Paris march against terror

Obama Chose Football Over Historic Anti-Terror Rally

Though President Obama declared in a speech Friday that he wanted the people of France “to know that the United States stands with you today, stands with you tomorrow,” he and the major players from his administration failed to attend the historic rally against terror Sunday in Paris.

Eric Holder Skips Massive Paris Rally – The Daily Beast

World leaders including Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, Germany’s Angela Merkel, Britain’s David Cameron, and the Palestinian Authority’s Mahmoud Abbas may have joined French President François Hollande to walk arm in arm on Sunday at France’s unity rally, but no top-level U.S. official took part. Attorney General Eric Holder, who had flown to Paris for anti-terrorism talks in the wake of the attacks that killed 17, departed before France’s largest ever rally to attend “urgent meetings” in Washington, a Department of Justice official told BuzzFeed.

Editorial: Obama and America shamefully skip Paris march – NY Daily News

Displaying powerful symbolic unity, in fitting and proper testament to the defense of civilization, more than 40 world leaders linked arms to lead the mass march in Paris in resolve against Islamist terror.

So, President Barack Obama skipped the French anti-terror unity march. | RedState

“President Barack Obama will not join other world leaders at Sunday’s Paris march in tribute to the victims of this week’s Islamist attacks in France, a US official told AFP.”

Socialist Hollande Asked Netanyahu Not to Participate in Paris Anti-Terror March | The Gateway Pundit

An Israeli source privy to the contacts between the Elysees Palace and the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem told reporters Netanyahu was told to stay home. The fact that this message had been conveyed was first reported by Channel 2. The Socialist president thought Netanyahu’s presence would be too divisive.

Obama’s Excuse: I Visited The French Embassy In DC! | The Daily Caller

President Obama is catching a lot of heat for not going to Paris for a unity rally in which an estimated 1.6 million people gathered to stand in solidarity against the terrorist attack that killed 12 people last week.

Hamas Newspaper Publishes Photos of Charlie Hebdo Terrorists Calling Them Heroes | The Gateway Pundit

A newspaper posted photos of the Charlie Hebdo killers this week. called them heroes.

FLASHBACK: French President Jacques Chirac First Foreign Leader To Visit WH After 9/11 | Weasel Zippers

Here’s the full list of leaders who met in France today:

Poll: Marijuana legalization, taxation supported by 50 percent of Michigan voters |

Michigan voters remain divided on the prospects of statewide legalization, but with recreational use already allowed in Colorado and Washington state, advocates say momentum is on their side.

CNN’s Cuomo Stumbles, Labels French Islamist ‘African-American’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo made a “colorful” gaffe on Friday’s @ This Hour, as he reported live from Paris, France. Minutes after police stormed both sites where Islamists had barricaded themselves, Cuomo labeled one of the dead French terrorists “African-American.”

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Hackers can steal your fingerprint from a PHOTO: Copycat print could be used by criminals to fool security systems | Daily Mail Online

They then poured latex milk or white wood glue into the print pattern created by the toner onto a transparent sheet.

Boy Claimed His Teacher Banned Him From Reading the Bible — but the Principal Said There’s a Major Problem With His Story |

A public school principal in Missouri pushed back against a middle school student’s claim that a banned him from reading the in school, claiming that the incident did not unfold as was alleged and that students are more than welcome to read their Bibles in school.

Pence’s Proposed Budget Boosts K-12 Funding By $200 Million | News – Indiana Public Media

Governor Mike ’s increases K-12 funding by $200 million over the next two years and recommends charter schools receive more funding than in the past.


Per Pupil Expenditure (K-12)

Bill Text: IN HB1029 | 2015 | Regular Session | Introduced | LegiScan

Provides that an individual must indicate on an application for or a renewal of a driver’s license, permit, or identification card whether the individual possesses a handgun license (license). Requires the bureau of motor vehicles (bureau) to verify whether the individual has a license by contacting the superintendent of the state police department. Requires the bureau to place a notation on the individual’s driver’s license, permit, or identification card that indicates that the individual possesses a license. Makes a technical correction.