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Crude Facebook post lands councilman in hot water – South Bend Tribune: Local

member has issued a statement in response to questions about an explicit photograph he posted on his Facebook page of a man performing a crude act with a dog.

​Senate bill would require smartphone ‘kill switch’ in case of theft — RT USA

Senator Amy Klobuchar will soon introduce a bill to combat smartphone theft – a rapidly growing crime as the technology proliferates – that would require phone makers to install a “” to prohibit a stolen device’s further use.

New study suggests global warming decreases storm activity and extreme weather | Watts Up With That?

A paper published January 21st in Quaternary Science Reviews reconstructs storm activity in Iceland over the past 1,200 years and finds storminess and extreme weather variability was far more common during the Little Ice Age in comparison to the Medieval Warm Period and the 20th century. The paper adds to many other peer-reviewed publications finding decreases storm activity, the opposite of claims by climate alarmists.

Joe Arpaio, Ariz. sheriff, puts inmates on bread and water for ruining flags, report says – CBS News

Dozens of inmates in Arizona jails run by Joe Arpaio, a who has been a controversial figure in the national immigration debate, have been put on a diet of bread and water for desecrating U.S. flags that hang in each cell, authorities said on Friday.

Last Hoosier Dies In Captivity | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

Americans across the country mourned Saturday after the world’s last remaining Hoosier, Austin, died in captivity inside the Indiana University research center and preserve, where it lived out the final years of its life.

America’s most popular prescription sleep medication linked to mass shootings : The Burning Truth

As I have been saying for years, nearly all mass shootings involve psychotropic drugs being used by the shooter. The issue is not, and never has been, about guns. It’s about how we treat people for illness.

Changes To Moped Laws Being Considered In General Assembly | News – Indiana Public Media

For the fourth consecutive session, lawmakers will attempt to approve legislation regulating mopeds. This session’s effort is the most comprehensive, featuring two bills that legislators will try to combine.

Council may seek to scale back sewer rate increase – South Bend Tribune: Politics

The city of South Bend may have to scale back its request to increase rates by 9 percent each of the next four years to pay for an ongoing, EPA-mandated project.

Is this a date? Or are we just hanging out? How the majority of singles don’t know if a ‘one-on-one meet-up’ is romantic or not | Mail Online

The majority of singles have no idea whether they are going on a date with a potential new partner or not, a new survey has revealed.