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Supreme Court rules on ‘straw purchaser’ law – Washington Times

A divided Supreme Court sided with gun control groups and the Obama administration Monday, ruling that the federal ban on “straw” purchases of guns can be enforced even if the ultimate buyer is legally allowed to own a gun.

Gavin Ferlic to pitch smoking ban to Mishawaka – South Bend Tribune: Health And Safety

South Bend Common Council member Gavin Ferlic will make his pitch Tuesday for a smoking ban in Mishawaka to the Public Health and Safety Committee of the Mishawaka Common Council.

Judge rules FBI fitness test discriminates against men – South Bend Tribune: Nation/World

The FBI’s rigorous physical fitness test is biased against men, a federal judge has ruled, handing a legal victory to a suburban Chicago man who sued after missing the cutoff to become a special agent by a single pushup.

Fortune 500 Company Tells Homeschool Grads To Take A Hike | Truth Revolt

The original story, first reported in May of this year, involved a man who had been offered a job with the company. He had years of relevant job experience. He had college courses in the relevant field and made the dean’s list at a recognized state college. He had appropriate technical certifications. A seemingly ideal candidate, the man was offered a position, but later had the offer withdrawn after the company stated that they did not recognize his homeschool diploma as a legitimate high school diploma. The HSLDA disputes their assertion, and states that they have successfully resolved such questions in the past.

The Dog Ate My E-Mails, for Two Years | National Review Online

A growing number of computer professionals are stepping forward to say that none of this makes sense. Norman Cillo, a former program manager at Microsoft, told The Blaze: “I don’t know of any e-mail administrator [who] doesn’t have at least three ways of getting that mail back. It’s either on the disks or it’s on a TAPE backup someplace on an archive server.” Bruce Webster, an IT expert with 30 years of experience consulting with dozens of private companies, seconds this opinion: “It would take a catastrophic mechanical failure for Lerner’s drive to suffer actual physical damage, but in any case, the FBI should be able to recover something. And the FBI and the Justice Department know it.”

Lois Lerner’s Lost Emails: Questions for the IRS | Sharyl Attkisson

According to the House Ways and Means Committee, the IRS reports having “lost” former IRS manager Lois Lerner’s emails to and from other IRS employees sent between January of 2009 and April of 2011 due to a ‘computer crash.’

Man facing $200 fine for flying ‘Betsy Ross’ American flag | Mail Online

A homeowner is preparing to do battle with his residents’ association after it fined him $200 for flying the Betsy Ross flag outside his house.

Food labels mislead shoppers into thinking they are eating well, study warns | Mail Online

The ‘false sense of health’ – coupled with a failure to understand the information presented in nutrition fact panels on packaged food – may be contributing to the obesity epidemic, they say.

The organic beauty con | Mail Online

In fact, they can be composed of fewer than 1 per cent of organic ingredients. Not only that, they may even contain ingredients that some campaigners believe could be harmful to your health and the environment.

Some can’t quit smoking as their brains can’t register benefits, study suggests | Mail Online

There are those who can go cold turkey and others who simply can’t kick the habit.