Show Prep: Mon, Nov. 17

Leaf Burn Amnesty Week begins

Monday begins Burn Amnesty Week in St. Joseph County, meaning residents of unincorporated areas can burn their leaves legally for the next eight days, through November 24th.

SB Councilman Henry Davis Jr. seeks damages from the city

Common Councilman is seeking $50,000 in damages from the city.

Indiana to Start Requiring Food Stamp Recipients to Work

Now, as of 2015, the Family and Social Services Administration has announced that the work requirements in SNAP will be more strictly enforced, meaning that as many as 65,000 recipients may be cut off.

Surrender Your Knives! Stay Unarmed in the UK! | Uncle Sams Misguided Children

The British Ironwork Center is the coordinator of the project, and plans to create a 20 foot high “Guardian angel” sculpture in memory of those killed by . (I’m pretty sure someone will complain about the angel motif.)

Knife amnesty campaign is saving lives – Burnley Express

The amnesty in the county has led to 800 knives – 310 of them in East Lancashire – being handed in and that is terrific in terms of lives potentially saved and it is good that the campaign is continuing as part of a national project.

Guy Who Says Woman Attacked Him ‘Like a Man’ Cleared by District Attorney for Slapping Her in the Face | Video |

When a YouTube video showing 25-year-old Jorge Peña getting attacked on a New York City subway train went viral last week, Peña didn’t know if he would face charges for slapping a woman who just wouldn’t leave him alone.

TV Host and Hunter Eva Shockey Reveals the Most Vile Anti-Hunting Comments She’s Ever Received |

Imagine waking up, going to your phone or computer, checking Facebook or Twitter and then seeing 5,000 comments flinging some of the most vile things imaginable at you.

Dad Says PETA Grabbed the Family Dog Off the Porch and Killed It | Video |

With Maya missing, Cerate checked his security camera and discovered a disturbing sight: A van marked “” had backed into his driveway and two women got out. One walked up to Cerate’s porch, grabbed the , and placed it in the back of the van.

School Defends Drill That Had Police Busting Into a Classroom With Weapons Drawn, Terrifying Students and Parents | Video |

Florida parents and students were frightened by an unannounced that took place at a middle Thursday, but officials and police defend not giving prior warning.