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Nanny State: 24 Hr Waiting Period For Tattoos Proposed « The Burning Truth

So now we need a ‘cooling off’ period for tattoos? Does this apply to all tattoos and piercings, or just high capacity ‘assault’ tattoos and piercings?

State reassesses lunch program | The Journal Gazette

Nearly half of all Indiana school children are on the federal free and reduced-price lunch program.

Family To Live For Entire Year With Only 1986 Technology | Geekologie

Americans Work More Than Anyone – ABC News

More than the English, more than the French, way more than the Germans or Norwegians. Even, recently, more than the Japanese.

America is the Most Overworked Nation at the Cost of Health (Infographic) – Technology Digital

We are not machines like Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, but human beings with vital organs that need to be nourished, rested, and kept active. Even these gadgets need to be recharged to continue working efficiently. There is a false assumption that human beings can endure long strenuous hours of mental (or physical) activity and focus without major consequences on our cognitive, emotional, or physical health.

Americans More Likely Than Europeans to Work on Vacation

You have to admire the American work ethic. Take vacations. While more than half of Europeans believe it is never acceptable to be asked to work while on vacation, only 37 percent of North Americans feel the same, according to a new global poll conducted by job search site Monster.

American Workers Leaving Vacation Days on the Table

But while just over 70 percent reported taking an annual vacation, more than half said they were not using all their paid vacation time, and 60 percent said that losing this paid vacation time decreased their sense of wellbeing.

Why Americans need to take more vacation time | Articles | Main

“See you in a month!” one of our executives said as he stopped by HR to complete paperwork for his impending 30-day vacation.

Renowned Dr. Phil show child therapist, Karen Corcoran Walsh, charged with child abuse | Mail Online

A leading child therapist who has appeared on the Dr. Phil show has been arrested on a child cruelty charge.

A.M. Links: Syrian Govt Rejected Soldiers’ Request to Use Chemical Weapons, NSA Won Big in Court Case, Sony Delays Release of PS4 – Hit & Run :

The Syrian government reportedly refused to authorize the use of chemical weapons, according to messages intercepted by a German spy ship. President Bashar al Assad and his Russian allies insist the United Nations continue their probe for the alleged weapons, stating that there is no evidence the government is responsible for attacks. Nevertheless, Secretary of State John Kerry demanded that the Syrian government hand over “every single bit” of their chemical weapons within a week. The White House also released graphic video of the gas attacks in Syria in a bid to drum up support for intervention in Washington and among the public.