School District Ends Policy Of Forcing Students To Kneel Down For Dismissal – You Heard Me « The Burning Truth

When I first read that story, all I could think about was Skeletor demanding He-Man .

I was surprised many of you hadn’t heard of the kid praying to Obama. So here you go.

Video stunner: Boy prays to Obama


While U.S. presidents may very well be the most powerful individuals on earth, the operative phrase is “on earth,” but a string of incidents has developed in which Barack is credited with much, much more.

Hey! Remember this?

When welfare pays better than work –

Here’s an offer for you: $38,004 per year, tax free.No work required.Apply at your local office.

Walorski may face Obamacare questions in Rochester

Ty Bancroft of New Carlisle, who took part in a rally at Walorski’s office to press for the town hall gathering, said he’ll be traveling to Rochester. He wants to ask her about her efforts to stall Obamacare and a controversial National Security Agency data and intelligence gathering program.

Ty Bancroft joined us today to confirm something I’d been told.

I was told that people were told by Walorski’s people that there would be no note cards for screening questions. Then I was told that when they got out there, note cards were passed out for questions.

Ty is not alone in feeling that Jackie has betrayed his trust. Whether or not that is truly the case is a moot point. Her constituents FEEL that they’ve been betrayed. To refute that, she needs a better communications strategy.

Walorski’s Chief of Staff called me to explain that the note cards were to make it more convenient for Jackie to get the questions. The put all cards filled out in a bucket for her to randomly select a question. They also said that every question submitted was read.

Here’s one clip from the town hall.

Notre Dame to allow undocumented students to take classes

A change in admissions policy means will now allow undocumented to take classes.

After airliner crash, SF chief bans helmet cams |

The edict comes after images taken in the aftermath of the July 6 Asiana Airlines crash at the airport led to questions about first responders’ actions, which resulted in a survivor being run over by a fire truck.

Google Glass Gets An App To Power The Cyber Cops And Futuristic Firefighters Of Tomorrow | TechCrunch

FTC chief keeping eye on Google Glass – The Hill’s Hillicon Valley

The head of the Federal Trade Commission is keeping a close watch on and other wearable computing devices for potential privacy violations.

Senate Passes Bill to Ban Certain Tattoos, Body Piercings – Little Rock, AR

By a 26-4 vote, the moved to outlaw scarification, a procedure involving the scarring of the skin using heat to form a tattoo without ink, and implants that place ornaments under the skin.

Man Claims “Impeach Obama” Sign Painted Over « CBS Pittsburgh