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UPS workers face torrents of abuse on social media as Amazon refunds shipping charges | Mail Online


UPS, FedEx scramble to deliver delayed Christmas packages

UPS and FedEx, under fire for failing to deliver Santa’s packages in time for the holiday, blamed the delays on weeks of bad weather and higher demand from soaring online sales.

Minimum Wage Strike Backfires, Employer Closes

Protesters from coast to coast have engaged in recent efforts to artificially raise the minimum wage to unsustainable levels. If successful, these shortsighted strikers will ensure massive layoffs and a sharp spike in retail prices to absorb the increased operating expense.

Read the Now-Viral Email a Chicago Sandwich Shop Sent Its Employees Just Days Before Christmas |

1. Due to increased competition and losses, ownership has decided to consider remodeling and reconcepting the store at 600 West Chicago Ave.

Chinese Celebrate Mao’s Birthday

Forget celebrating the birth of Jesus in China this Christmas; the real gala celebration is the next day, Boxing Day, as thousands of Chinese people celebrate the 120th anniversary of one of the greatest mass murderers in history: Mao Tse-Tung., whose Great Leap Forward killed 45 million people in four years. One employee at a tourist concession in Shaoshan, where Mao was born, said, “Xi Jinping (the president) himself told the leaders here in Shaoshan, there should be no gala, no singing, no dancing and no big events,” but his warning is being ignored. The Communist party is trying to reinvent itself as a workers’ movement, but thousands of Maoists are traveling to Shaoshan wearing green revolutionary army caps.

Fracking May Make Texas Power Supply Drought Resistant | Climate Central

A new University of Texas-Austin study shows that producing electricity from natural gas saves much more water than producing power from coal, even accounting for water lost in fracking for shale gas.

Indiana lawmaker wants to protect Christmas in school – Fox 28: South Bend, Elkhart IN News, Weather, Sports

Sen. Jim Smith, R-Charlestown, tells WTHR-TV that he believes Christmas is under attack and being stolen from children. He says his bill would give educators and public schools legal immunity for Christmas activity.

Beer distributor challenges Indiana liquor laws – SFGate

Indiana liquor laws that date from the days of Prohibition are facing a challenge from the state’s largest beer distributor, which argues it should be able to supply liquor to bars, restaurants and stores.

Twitter Apologizes for ‘Mistakenly’ Blocking Pro-‘Duck Dynasty’ Site

On Tuesday, Twitter apologized for “mistakenly” blocking the website, which meant users who supported the Duck Dynasty patriarch who was suspended from A&E for supposedly “anti-gay” remarks could not link to the site in their tweets.

Douglas County Sheriff will not cooperate with A&E going forward « Hot Air

The Sheriff of Douglas County – home to the Duck Dynasty crew – is no longer interested in doing any business with the network.

Sarah Palin: I didn’t read ‘Duck Dynasty’ interview – Lucy McCalmont –

Turns out Sarah Palin, who has been one of Duck Dynasty’s biggest defenders, hasn’t actually read the GQ interview that includes cast member Phil Robertson’s controversial comments on homosexuality and other subjects.

Jesse Jackson: ‘Duck Dynasty’ star ‘white privilege’ – Hadas Gold –

The Rev. Jesse Jackson has stepped into the “Duck Dynasty” uproar, using the case of civil rights hero Rosa Parks to make his case against show star Phil Robertson.

Have You Heard About the ‘National Chick-Phil-A Day’ to Support Suspended ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star? |

The latest twist in the “Duck Dynasty” controversy involves poultry, but this time it’s connected to chicken, not ducks.

Most Ridiculous Lawsuits Of The Year – Business Insider

1. Idaho inmates’ blamed a life of crime on alcohol companies.