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Breaking: They want the guns… Gun bill clears Senate hurdle as filibuster falls short (Update) | The Gateway Pundit

Controversial gun legislation cleared a key Senate hurdle Thursday, as lawmakers voted 68-31 to start debate on the package which includes expanded background checks and new penalties for gun trafficking.

Filibuster fails: Senate votes to open debate on gun-control bill, thanks to 16 Republicans « Hot Air

I use the term “gun-control bill” loosely because … no bill exists yet. But let’s not let procedural niceties deter us from Doing Something. Among the 68 who voted to proceed on the bill this morning are 16 Republicans. Per Chad Pergram:

Reid Praises McCain For Helping To Block Gun Control Filibuster

Mr. President, I appreciate everyone’s cooperation. I’m glad we were able to get cloture on this legislation. This legislation and this vote that just took place is of course important for our country, especially the people from Connecticut, who have lived through this tragedy. But it’s also important for this body, this Senate. There have been many things written in the last several months about how the Senate cannot operate. So I appreciate the members on the other side of the aisle, especially John mMcCain, on a Sunday show said, “I don’t think there should be a filibuster on this.” John McCain is a leader — has been a leader in this country for 31 years. People respect his opinion and I’m grateful to all Republicans who joined with us to allow this debate to go forward.

ACLU Opposes Universal Background Checks

According to the ACLU’s Chris Calabrese, “The current proposal for universal background checks raises…significant concerns.” One of which is the fact that the current legislative proposal for universal background checks does not guarantee that information gleaned from the checks will be destroyed within 24 hours. The NICS background check system, which is currently in place, requires personal information to be destroyed within 24 hours.

Surprising Ways You Are More Likely To Die Than By Being Shot By ‘Assault’ Weapons | The Burning Truth

According to the National Safety Council, these are the things that you are more likely to die from than being shot by an ‘assault’ weapon:

Barbie’s ‘Dolls of the World’ Spark Debate Over Cultural Stereotypes | Fox News Latino

One is wearing a Chilean huaso, a knee-length black skirt with a ruffled blouse and red vest. Another is decked out in full Argentinean tango attire, with a ruffled blue dress and black lace shawl. A third has long black hair and wears a long pink dress filled with lace. And she’s holding a Chihuahua.

Video: Amnesty supporters inexplicably protest Marco Rubio, some without knowing who he is « Hot Air

This is a sneak preview of the “thanks” Rubio and other Republicans will get for passing amnesty once the left goes to work on them for insisting upon the few meager enforcement provisions that end up making it into the bill.

Nick’s Patio settles lawsuit that alleged pregnancy discrimination –

A local restaurant has agreed to settle a lawsuit the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed on behalf of two women who said they were discriminated against when they told management they were pregnant.

| Temper Grille

Channeling attitude into unique dishes intensifies every sense; amplifying not only the flavor, but the color, texture, smell, and presentation. This combined effort of culinary uniqueness and unrelenting attitude defines the experience that Sean envisions for Temper Grille. The tapas – style menu is at the root of this experience. It is meant to encourage the sharing of multiple dishes, which engages guests in the culture that Chef Sean visualizes for an unparalleled dining experience.

Five-Year-Old Runs Successful Garbage Biz

5-year-old Joe Jarvis runs a successful garbage business in his neighborhood. His parents see it as a life lesson, but he sees it as a way to get more Legos!

IRS: We can read emails without warrant – The Hill’s Hillicon Valley

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has claimed that agents do not need warrants to read people’s emails, text messages and other private electronic communications, according to internal agency documents.

Senate approves bill requiring drug testing for welfare recipients | Indianapolis Star |

The hold up? Whether to continue Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) benefits to children if their parent fails to stay off drugs.

School threat “not credible” according to Sheriff

The more you know about a threat to kill 20 local school children on April 15th, the less likely you might be to take it seriously.