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YouTube video of Reggie Love interview deleted after comments hit Drudge |

A YouTube video featuring an interview with former bodyman Reggie Love was removed after his comments surfaced in news reports highlighting some private details from President ’s life in the White House.

US Troops Were at OBL Compound For LESS THAN 40 MINUTES While Obama Played Cards With Reggie (Video) « The Burning Truth

Schools ruled out as polling places under Vote Center plan

Public input is being sought on a plan designed to make elections in St. Joseph County less costly for taxpayers, and more convenient for voters.

Mayor’s budget calls for ‘smart streets’ – South Bend Tribune: Local

Appearing before the Personnel and Finance Committee on Wednesday, Pete Buttigieg presented a 2014 city budget that combines the Code Enforcement and Building departments, doubles spending on vacant and abandoned houses and invests more than $10 million in “.”

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit challenging remaining portion of Indiana immigration law

Two parts of ’s immigration law will remain in effect after a federal dismissed a lawsuit by a northwestern Hispanic advocacy group challenging them, the attorney general’s office said Wednesday.

Immigration reform rally set –

The invited speakers include Allert Brown-Gort of the University of Notre Dame’s Kellogg Institute, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Ben Falkowski of U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski’s office, attorney Felipe Merino, La Casa de Amistad board President Rudy Monterrosa, and Mike Griffin of Holy Cross College. Dara Marquez, winner of WNIT Television’s recent “Rising Star” contest, will do a dramatic reading.

Google: Gmail users ‘have no legitimate expectation of privacy’ — RT USA

As tensions worsen among privacy-focused email users amid the escalating scandal surrounding government surveillance, a brief filed by attorneys for Google has surfaced showing that Gmail users should never expect their communications to be kept secret.

Lavabit owner lashes at US surveillance and explains decision to shut down encrypted email service — RT USA

“I don’t think Obama’s administration has admitted the whole and complete truth about its surveilling methods to the American public or Congress,” Levison told RT, “and i think any sort of oversight by a kangaroo court is exactly that: a rubber stamp.”

Non-English Speaking Citizens Have a ‘Right’ to Serve on Juries in New Mexico | National Review Online

The New Mexico Supreme Court is cautioning trial courts and lawyers that citizens who don’t speak English have the right to serve on juries. The court issued the admonition in a ruling that upholds an Albuquerque man’s convictions for murder and other crimes in the bludgeoning death of his girlfriend and a subsequent armed robbery and stabbing.

White House calls broadband initiative a ‘no-brainer’

The White House on Wednesday called a  $4-6 billion proposal to expand high-speed Internet access to 99 percent of schools a “no-brainer,” but said the idea ultimately requires approval by the independent Federal Communications Commission.

Neighbors upset with delay of ban – South Bend Tribune: Health And Safety

The smoke from burning leaves is more than just a nuisance for residents of a St. Joseph County neighborhood.

Teachers Union Reaches $14 Million Settlement | News – Indiana Public Media

The state’s largest teachers union has agreed to a preliminary of $14 million that would be given to 27 different school corporations after the Indiana State Teachers Association and the National Education Association allegedly defrauded Hoosier teachers out of over $27 million.