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South Bend park rangers stripped of guns | ABC57 | South Bend IN News, Weather and Sports | Local News

stripped of carrying guns nearly two months ago.  The decision was made by Deputy Mayor Mark Neal and Police Chief Ron Teachman.

Common council members speak out about recent park police changes

Monday afternoon, at the South Bend Park Board meeting, two common council members spoke out about the recent changes.


WARNING GRAPHIC: Skateboarder assaults Park Ranger

Should park rangers in South Bend be armed? – South Bend Tribune: News

Common Council member Dr. Fred Ferlic also spoke at the meeting, but said he supported the city’s decision. “Anyone carrying a should be a policeman,” he said.

Poll: 82% think it should be illegal to let your nine-year-old play at the park unsupervised « Hot Air

As the nation debates whether such parenting choices are acceptable or neglectful, the latest Reason-Rupe national telephone finds 82 percent of Americans believe the law should require children 9-years-old and younger to be supervised while playing in public parks. Just 17 percent of Americans think 9-year-olds should be able to play unsupervised at the park…

CNN Anchor Asked To Define ‘Automatic Weapon’, Fails Hysterically, Argues Semi-Automatic & Fully Automatic Are The Same | The Burning Truth

Anytime someone says ‘to me’ to define anything, you know you are dealing with an ignoramus who has no idea what they are talking about.

Atheists Accuse Pizza Shop of Violating Their Civil Rights by Offering Church Bulletin Discount — and Here’s How the Owner Is Reacting |

A owner who is under fire for offering a faith-based to customers says he doesn’t plan to discontinue it, despite receiving a complaint from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a secular activist group.

Health Report Says Indiana Needs Higher Tobacco Tax | News – Indiana Public Media

The American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network releases a report every year evaluating each state legislature and what it’s done to help prevent cancer. That includes providing access to affordable healthcare, improving patients’ quality of life and, notably, reducing tobacco use.

Tim Skubick: Smokeless e-cigarettes may soon be topic of debate in the Legislature |

The word is you can look for this bill to be modified with a tax hike but not at the same level of regular tobacco, which was the first option put forth.

Public Health Officials Should Embrace E-Cigarettes | The Daily Caller

These groups, along with many supposed experts in the field, have been misled into thinking that the emergence of e-cigarettes is a threat to public health. In fact, it is a boon and opposition to e-cigarettes is self-defeating for public health advocates. The vast majority of the 40 million American adult who smoke cigarettes want to quit, but only 3 percent of them kick the habit each year.

Why Are Some People Protesting or Refusing to Donate to the ALS Association’s Ice Bucket Challenge? |

While the ALS Association’s viral ice bucket challenge has brought in nearly $42 million since July 29 — in comparison to just $2.1 million during the same time period last year — some are protesting the challenge or, at the least, opting not to donate to the organization.

Sixth-Grade Teacher Suspended After ‘Absurd’ Lesson on Michael Brown Shooting |

“the white students had to play the police officer.”

COMMUNITY GROUP: Tension right for unrest in South Bend | Local – Home

As police brace for more possible violence in , Mo., community watchdog groups are worried that type of unrest is close to happening in South Bend.