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Suspected Pedophile Judge Defends Sentencing Other Pedophile To Only 30 Days In Jail After Girl’s Death « The Burning Truth

A Montana judge on Wednesday stood by his decision to send a former teacher to prison for 30 days for raping a 14-year-old girl who later killed herself, but said he “deserved to be chastised” for his comments about the young victim.

Fast-Food Workers Across the Nation Go On Strike, Demand $15 an Hour | Video |

Protesters are demanding that their wages be raised to at least $15 an hour.

Slate: “You Are a Bad Person if You Send Your Children to Private School” – Daniel Doherty

You are a bad person if you send your children to private school. Not bad like murderer bad—but bad like ruining-one-of-our-nation’s-most-essential-institutions-in-order-to-get-what’s-best-for-your-kid bad. So, pretty bad.

Obama Gives 2 New Executive Actions on Gun Control – Heather Ginsberg

While everyone is distracted with budget battles and the unrest in the Middle East, the White House announced two new gun control measures today. One new action attempts to close a loophole that exists related to background check and the other one prohibits the re-importation of U.S. military weapons.

Harvard Study: No Correlation Between Gun Control and Less Violent Crime « The Burning Truth

A Harvard Study titled “Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?” looks at figures for “intentional deaths” throughout continental Europe and juxtaposes them with the U.S. to show that more gun control does not necessarily lead to lower death rates or violent crime.

IWF – What’s in a GMO Label?

It’s not as straightforward as slapping a label on a can and calling it a day. Many labeling advocates assume that there are only two (sets of) actors involved, ‘Big Ag’ and ‘Big Retail.’ But that’s just not the case. The agricultural and food production value chain is long and complex and includes many private and public sector actors: research labs, seed companies, farmers, elevator/managers, grain handlers, transport companies, importers and exporters, processors, wholesalers, retailers and restaurants. If mandatory labeling of GMOs were enacted, costs (identity preservation, administrative and other) would be incurred all along the value chain. Make no mistake – those costs will be passed along to the consumer. Food prices will rise.

The Top 5 Lies About Biotech Crops –

The Institute for Responsible Technology, an organization opposed to crop biotechnology, has published a list of reasons to avoid GMOs—that is, genetically modified food. It’s a mish-mash of misinformation and disinformation. All of the institute’s assertions are unfounded, but here are the five most dubious claims on the list.

Best Food Facts : Food for Thought – Why are GMOs Banned in Other Countries?

“Very few countries explicitly ‘ban’ GMOs. In most cases, governments have simply not yet ‘approved’ various GMO crops for cultivation, or for import, or for human consumption. The presumption that each separate GMO should require case-by-case and use-by-use approval, by national government regulatory committees, has greatly slowed down the uptake of the technology. In effect, GMO foods and crops are being regulated as strictly as medical drugs, even though there is no evidence that they carry more risks than conventional foods and crops (in the official opinion of the EU Research Directorate, for example). Critics of GMO crops have promoted highly precautionary regulatory systems as one way to slow down the spread of the technology, and in large parts of the developing world governments have not yet given any cultivation approvals at all.”


This op-ed (now with more than 25 million views) has been updated with the most current facts for the case of Obama’s Impeachable Offenses.

» DOJ Says Atheists Qualify for Clergy Home Tax Break » News — GOPUSA

The U.S. Justice Department says in a legal filing leaders of an atheist group qualify for the same housing tax exemption priests receive.