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UT’s Missing Brains Mystery Solved

The University of Texas’ mystery of 100 missing brains has been solved. School officials claim that the brains were not stolen as previously thought — rather, they were destroyed over a decade about because they were in poor condition.

Indiana Joins Lawsuit Against Obama’s Immigration Action | News – Indiana Public Media

In a statement, Gov. Mike Pence, R-Indiana, re-emphasized that Indiana’s participation in the lawsuit is not about immigration, but about the denial of states’ rights to be represented through its members of Congress.

Poll: Support for Path to Citizenship for Illegals at Record Low after Obama Exec Amnesty

Quinnipiac found that support for a pathway to citizenship “is at its lowest level ever measured by the” independent polling outfit while the percentage of Americans who feel that “illegal immigrants should be required to leave” is “higher than this number ever has been.”

My Way News – Multistate coalition sues over immigration order

Texas is leading a 17-state coalition in suing over the Obama administration’s recently announced executive actions on immigration.

Sessions: House GOP Is On the Verge Of Breaking 2014 Campaign Promises | National Review Online

Senator Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) suggested that House Republicans are on the verge of breaking their campaign promise to fight President Obama’s administrative , judging by the legislative text currently being circulated.

Should Indiana allow Sunday alcohol sales at retail stores? – 13 WTHR Indianapolis

To sell or not to sell on Sunday. That’s the question Hoosiers have debated for decades.

Police Soon May Have a Breathalyzer Test for Pot

Law enforcement officers already use breathalyzers as a preliminary test for blood- content. Soon, they might have a similar test to detect marijuana usage.

Scientists Accused of Conspiring to Get Pesticides Banned

A group of four scientists within the European Food Safety Authority conspired to present carefully selected evidence on the damage caused by certain pesticides to bee populations in order to have them banned, resulting in massive crop damage, it has been alleged.

Michael Sam: I Was Cut Because I’m Gay | Truth Revolt

Sam responded, “I think I was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year last year … so I don’t think it had to do with talent.”

SC Jury Indicts White Officer for Killing Black Man – Media Ignores | Truth Revolt

In a case with several parallels to both the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases, a South Carolina grand indicted a white police officer with murder Wednesday for the shooting of an unarmed black man. Despite the significant parallels and timing, however, the national media has largely ignored the story.

Whites Encouraged to ‘Keep Hands Down’ During Campus Ferguson Protest | Truth Revolt

“White folks” were encouraged to keep their hands down during the protest.

Texas Cop Resigns After Using ‘Choke Hold’ on Woman Videotaping Arrest

The incident took place in a Whataburger parking lot in August.  Corpus Christi Senior Officer Jerry Lockhart and Officer Gary Witherspoon questioned Lanessa Espinosa after a fight that had taken place in the parking lot.

McINNES: Top 7 Excuses Liberals Make For Ferguson Riot | Truth Revolt

1- THOSE BUSINESSES DESERVED TO BURN I assumed we were going to be getting a lot of Broken Window Theory from the left claiming the rebuild would provide all kinds of wonderful jobs for the poor. With Obama’s “You didn’t build that” and ’s “Don’t let anybody tell you” that businesses create jobs, it would make perfect sense for the left to assume burning down a store and then paying to have it rebuilt is good for the economy. What they’re saying, however, is way crazier than that.

Yes, There’s a Hillary Clinton Country Song |

Supporters of a Hillary Clinton presidential bid released a full-length country music song called “Stand With Hillary,” which says Clinton would be a great candidate and president because she is “caring, hard working” and was “once a first lady.”

Moms Demand Action’s Anti-Gun ’12 Days of Kroger’ | Truth Revolt

On Tuesday, MDA sent a petition with 18,000 signatures to Fred Meyer corporate staff at the supermarkets headquarters in Portland (FM merged with Krogers in 1999).  The petition is again calling on to ban open-carry in all of its 132 stores.

GOP Senators Silent as Senate Dems Reduce Troops’ Pay, Housing Allowance | Truth Revolt

Hewitt invited Inhofe on to discuss the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that quietly passed the Senate yesterday with no real objection from Republicans. According to Military Times, the act will increase spending $64 billion more for “overseas contingency funds, including about $5 billion for the current fight in Iraq and Syria.” To pay for President Obama’s adventures in Iraq and Syria, the NDAA will reduce pay to our troops:

Senate to vote on new child safety seat rules

Legislation up for a vote in the Michigan Senate would update rules for how children should be buckled up.