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Montana Lawmaker Wants to Ban Yoga Pants | TIME

A representative is introducing a bill to strengthen the state’s indecent exposure laws after a group of naked bicyclists pedaled through the city of Missoula in August.

San Antonio Gets Tough on (Butt) Crack – Hit & Run :

Police arrested six people at a San Antonio strip club for violating the city’s sexually oriented business ordinance. The arrests took place after undercover officers saw two dancers pull down the waistbands of their thongs in a way that revealed “the crevice of their buttocks.” Four dancers and two managers from Sugar’s Men’s Club were charged. Last month, several dancers from another local club, The Vanity Factory, were also arrested for showing too much skin.

Kayla Mueller: Israel-Hater : The Burning Truth

Writing for PJ Media, writer Ron Radosh points out that , the young woman captured by ISIS who died in a Jordanian airstrike and has been lionized by Barack Obama , John McCain, and the New York Times, was a hater of Israel who lied about the Jewish state while she defended the right of Palestinians to throw rocks at Jews, claiming that throwing rocks was a non-violent act.

‘I Have Surrendered Myself to Our Creator’: Islamic State Hostage’s Heartbreaking Letter Reveals How God and Her Deep Faith Sustained Her |

After news broke Tuesday that Kayla Mueller, an American aid worker who had been held captive by the Islamic State since 2013, died, her family released a heartbreaking letter she sent them during her imprisonment in which she said her deep Christian faith was sustaining her.

Federal Judge Sides Against AT&T Customers on NSA Surveillance Case |

A federal on Tuesday sided with the government in a lawsuit alleging the National Security Agency is illegally engaging in the bulk collection of Internet and telephone records in the hunt for potential terrorists.

Johnson asks how 80,000 ‘lost’ Lerner emails were recovered by IRS watchdog |

After the Internal Revenue Service’s inspector general recovered some 80,000 emails to and from former agency executive , lawmakers began asking why the IRS had previously claimed most of those emails were permanently lost.

House committee passes Indiana Sunday alcohol sales bill

The House Public Policy Committee passed legislation Wednesday that would lift the state’s long-running carry-out ban.

Amended Sunday alcohol sales bill heads to full House for vote

For the first time, an Indiana legislative committee voted Wednesday for a bill that would allow Sunday carryout alcohol sales in Indiana at grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores.

High Schooler Bit Into ‘Brain’ at KFC — but All He Wanted Afterward Was His $4 Back | Video |

Manuel Cobarubies, a student at Stockton High School in Stockton, California, didn’t have a lot of cash for lunch, so he stopped at a nearby and ordered what appeared to be an ordinary $4 meal.

Elkhart County 4-H Fair announces 2015 concert lineup | Local –

If you’re starting to forget what summer feels like, maybe this will help warm you up.

Man Who Recovered From 12 Years in a Vegetative State Shares the Horror of Living as a ‘Ghost’ | Video |

Martin Pistorius spent 12 years in a vegetative state trapped inside his own body, unable to communicate with anyone. He was only 12 years old when he rapidly went from a seemingly healthy boy to wheelchair-bound and unable to speak. His limbs became “spastic” and his hands and feet “curled in on themselves like claws,” he later recalled. As Pistorius went into a vegetative state, doctors estimated he had only two years to live.

Student Had Permission to Bring Fake Gun to School, Police Came Anyway – Hit & Run :

I’ve written a lot of stories about school administrators and law enforcement freaking out because a student inadvertently brought a toy gun to school. But this might be the first case I’ve covered where the student who triggered the mass hysteria actually had permission from a school official to bring a fake weapon to school.

Cop Sees Teen with Fake Gun, Shoots Different Kid, Kindly Declines to Arrest Them (for Now) – Hit & Run :

Let’s see if we can follow the chain of events detailed in this Los Angeles Times story about a cop who shot a teenager because he was worried a second teenager was threatening the first teenager with a gun. (The gun proved to be fake.)

Small business owners forced to battle IRS over seized bank accounts | Fox News

Clyde was on the wrong end of a murky federal program that allows agencies to seize assets they suspect could be tied to criminal activity — even without actual criminal activity.