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Kurtz: What is the FCC thinking? « Hot Air

I know that television stations are licensed in the public interest. It’s fair for the FCC to examine how much news a station offers, as opposed to lucrative game shows and syndicated reruns. But the content of that news ought to be off-limits.

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Obama Administration’s Plan to Study Newsrooms Is Drawing Plenty of Public Opposition |

A plan by the Federal Communications Commission to study how news organizations select stories has prompted about 10,000 people to sign a petition demanding: “no government monitors in newsrooms.”

IWF – FCC To News Media: We’re Just Here To Study How You Do It

The latest attack is on freedom of the press. While it could have enormous impact, this assault is more subtle than the administration’s attack on our religious liberty that is embodied in the Department of Health and Human Services so-called contraception mandate. Radical Integrity: The Story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer eBook: Michael Van Dyke: Kindle Store

Here’s a Chart of America’s Most- and Least-Taxed Cities |

If someone asked you to guess which city in the United States suffers from the heaviest tax burden, what would you say?

Report: Farmers’ Almanac more accurate than government climate scientists | The Daily Caller

This exceptionally cold and snowy winter has shown that government climate scientists were dead wrong when it came to predicting just how cold this winter would be, while the 197-year old Farmers’ Almanac predicted this winter would be “bitterly cold”.

Obama pronounces climate science as “irrefutable” | The Daily Caller

President Barack Obama says the current understanding of climate science is infallible.

Utah lawmaker: We should emit more CO2 into the atmosphere | The Daily Caller

Utah Republican state Rep. Jerry Anderson says there’s not enough carbon in the atmosphere and that levels “really could be much higher and give us a lot of benefit for growing plants.”

Leonard Nimoy warned of harsh winters from ‘global cooling’ | The Daily Caller

This winter has been one of the harshest in recent memory as a “polar vortex” caused much of the U.S. to be pummeled by snow storms and cold for weeks. The Obama administration, environmentalists and climate scientists argue that this is due to global warming.

11 Revolting Things Government Lets in Your Food – 11 Revolting Things Government Lets in Your Food – Pictures – CBS News


Pizza Hut in West Virginia shut down after manager caught peeing in SINK | Mail Online

A shocking and stomach-turning surveillance video shot inside a Pizza Hut eatery in rural West Virginia has captured a manager urinating in a sink used to wash cooking utensils.

‘Dirty Jobs’ Host Explains American Work Ethic in 90 Seconds | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News from The Heritage Foundation

Is American work ethic being eroded? On a “Fox and Friends” segment Wednesday, former “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe weighed in.

6 Items You Touch Everyday That Are Filthier Than a Toilet |

One person in the office gets the flu, and soon everybody in their row has it. And as paranoid as people think they are about germs these days, with their antibacterial lotions and careful hand-washing after even briefly touching their genitals, the truth is most of us still have no freaking idea where we’re picking up these germs.

Having a wife and child at age 23 is now an “alternative lifestyle,” according to NBC | The Daily Caller

Big thanks to Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist for yet another reason I’m glad I did a Snake Plissken and escaped from the District of Columbia.