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Is Twitter making you STUPID? Social networking sites are making it hard for people to think for themselves | Mail Online

They have become a quick and easy way of learning about everything from world affairs to the affairs of friends.

‘Ridiculous’: How a Firefighter Ended Up in Handcuffs While Helping Victims at Scene of Serious Car Accident | Video |

While responding to a Tuesday night rollover accident in Chula Vista, Calif., a officer and firefighter got into a dispute over where the fire engine should park. It ended with the uniformed firefighter in handcuffs.

What’s At Stake For Indiana Businesses In Lawmakers’ Equipment Tax Debate | StateImpact Indiana

The Draper, Inc., plant in Spiceland might have been the birthplace of your school’s gymnasium.

Mich. man could face up to life in prison for stealing $8 from cab

A Benton Township man faces up to for stealing $8 from a taxi cab driver.

Time to Reconsider Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Tonya, a financially desperate single mother, mailed a package that, unbeknownst to her, contained 232 grams of crack cocaine. While Judge Gadbois thought the sentence unnecessarily harsh, federal law left him no choice: “There’s nothing I can do about it.”

Florida Woman Furious After SWAT Team Orders Her Out of Her Own Home During Standoff With Neighbor and What She Found When She Returned Home | Video |

A Jacksonville homeowner thought she may have been robbed Sunday, but realized instead her home had been altered by a team.

Does the Constitution Protect Your Home Against a SWAT Takeover? Here’s What Lawyers Told Us |

It’s not a new phenomenon: In 2011, a SWAT team allegedly broke down Anthony Mitchell’s front door with a battering ram in Henderson, Nev., during a similar neighborhood-wide lockdown after Mitchell refused to allow his home be used for police purposes in a domestic violence response. Mitchell said the team violently entered his home, fired pepper spray pellets at him and his dog, then arrested him for obstruction of justice.

Colo. principal says she was fired over “disrespectful” policy towards poor children – CBS News

An elementary school says she was fired for protecting children from humiliation.