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daFighting homelessness by giving homeless people houses – Boing Boing

Global warming Antarctic expedition rescue to cost millions | The Daily Caller

It wasn’t cheap to rescue the botched expedition by climate scientists that got stuck in the ice over the holidays. The rescue of the Akademik Shokalskiy from the south pole’s icy grip could up to $2.4 million.

Utah Solves Homelessness by Giving Away Homes

has come up with a reasonable way to solve homelessness.  They give away homes. While other states continue to criminalize homelessness, has taken a novel approach and has seen its homeless numbers go down while economic savings to the state have risen.

Study: Staying uninsured cheaper than Obamacare for young | The Daily Caller

As struggles to appeal to the young and the uninsured, a new study has concluded that the health care law is a bad deal for 86 percent of this demographic.

A modest proposal for getting young people to sign up for Obamacare: Subsidized liposuction | The Daily Caller

In the spirit of bipartisanship, I have a modest proposal for getting younger people to sign up for Obamacare: liposuction discounts. I’m not saying insurance should pay for liposuction, but as insurance companies routinely offer discounts for joining health clubs, etc., I thought lipo discounts might be attractive to the twenty and thirtysomething crowd. (My husband suggested discounts on silicone implants, but I think lipo is a more gender-neutral procedure, as you’ll see in a moment.)

IP address does not prove online piracy, US judge says in landmark ruling — RT USA

A US federal in Washington wrote that a suspected internet pirate should not be prosecuted solely because his computer’s IP address was identified by a film studio. The landmark opinion may tip the fortunes of defendants in similar situations.

These Are the 10 Most and Least ‘Bible-Minded’ Cities in America: Did Yours Make the List? |

The top contender for the city in tune with the holy book? Chattanooga, Tenn. The ? Providence, R.I., coming in the 100th slot as America’s Bible-minded city.

Classroom aide Kaitlin Pearson suspended after modeling photos were sent to staff | Mail Online

At Dartmouth, Conservative Students Barred From Campus MLK Meeting

Two conservative students who tried to attend campus activists’ strategy meeting on how to mark the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday on campus were refused admittance after organizers determined the two young men were not registered Democrats.

Taking a hit: Anti-drug groups rebuke Obama over marijuana remarks | Fox News

President Obama is taking a hit from anti-drug groups for downplaying the effects of marijuana use, as some point out his recent comments appear to clash with statements by his own health and law enforcement agencies.