IRS lawyer testifies that political appointee’s office involved in Tea Party screening | Fox News

A veteran IRS lawyer testified on Thursday that officials from a Washington office led by a political appointee intervened in the screening of applications, saying publicly for the first time the IRS chief counsel’s office was involved in the controversial program.

Meet William J. Wilkins — the President’s Man at the IRS – Carol Platt Liebau

America, meet appointee William J. Wilkins — briefed on the political targeting of conservative groups as of 8/4/11.  Did he tell The White House about it at the time? Not that Jay Carney is aware of, as he told a skeptical press corps yesterday:

President Obama Announces More Key Treasury Appointments | The White House

William J. Wilkins, Nominee for Chief Counsel for the Internal Revenue Service and an Assistant General Counsel in the Department of the Treasury

Rep. Jason Chaffetz Explodes at IRS Panel: Tired of Obama Admin. Needing to Keep Having These Hearings | Video |

Watch Chaffetz’ comments below, beginning at the 3:00 mark:

IRS Chief Counsel William Wilkins a Big Donor and Loyal Democrat | The Weekly Standard

But who is William Wilkins? According to the 2009 announcement of his appointment to the IRS, Wilkins was a registered lobbyist with Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr since 1988. At WilmerHale (the firm’s new name after 2003), he was a part of the Tax Practice Group, where he practiced a wide range of tax law services, including “counseling nonprofit organizations, business entities, and investment funds on tax compliance, business transactions, and government investigations.” Before his lobbying career, Wilkins was staff counsel for the Democratic side of the Senate Finance committee, from 1981 to 1988.

Former GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell told her tax records were breached – Washington Times

More than two years after her upstart Senate campaign rocked the Delaware political world, Christine O’Donnell got an unexpected contact from a U.S. Treasury Department agent warning that her private tax records may have been breached.

Study: Parents And Teens Who Connect On Social Media Enjoy Relationship Benefits « CBS Philly

8 Things to Tell New Parents if You Think Their Baby Is Ugly | The Stir

As sad as it may sound, a new survey indicates that a fifth of new parents think their is ugly, though only 8 percent of them are willing to admit it to anyone else besides their partners.

Did You Know TSA Allows Searches on Valet Parked Cars at the Airport? | Video |

Detroit files for bankruptcy protection

The city of filed for Chapter 9 protection in federal court Thursday, laying the groundwork for a historic effort to bail out a city that is sinking under billions of dollars in debt and decades of mismanagement, population flight and loss of tax revenue.

Davis calls on Quinn to call out National Guard – The Beverly Review: Community News

In the aftermath of the violent Fourth of July weekend in , state Rep. Monique Davis (D-27th) has issued a call for action to help “put an end to the senseless murders in our city.”

The NSA Admits It Analyzes More People’s Data Than Previously Revealed – Philip Bump – The Atlantic Wire

For a sense of scale, researchers at the University of Milan found in 2011 that everyone on the Internet was, on average, 4.74 steps away from anyone else. The explores relationships up to three of those steps. (See our conversation with the ACLU’s Alex Abdo on this.)

If the University of Milan’s calculations are correct, the NSA is monitoring 63.29% of the global population.

Patel arraigned on neglect charge in baby’s death – South Bend Tribune: Crime & Courts

Hiding her face with a yellow scarf, said nothing to reporters as she left the courthouse today, walking away quickly with her attorney.

Patel remains in jail; no formal charges filed yet – South Bend Tribune: Crime & Courts

Six years ago, Purvi Patel told the South Bend Tribune she and her brother chose the Target Plaza location for their Moe’s Southwest Grill franchise because of the easy access to Grape Road and the huge parking lot.