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Why a Scientist Is Now Attacking a 13-Year-Old’s Science Fair Research as ‘Unethical’ |

The findings made by a 12-year-old, now 13-year-old, student for her sixth-grade science fair project was said to “shock ecologists” and received international recognition after confirmation was published in a well-respected scientific journal earlier this year. Now, another is hitting back at her accolades, though, he acknowledges, he doesn’t really enjoy doing it.

Report: University of Wisconsin-Madison mulls ‘diversity-based grading’ – powered by Education Action Group Foundation, Inc.

It sounds crazy on its face, but then again one comes to expect that from UW-Madison. But are they crazy enough to do -based grading.

Boy Banned From Doughnut Shop For Asking If Lady Is Pregnant | The Daily Caller

A four-year-old boy in the never-ending suburbs of Connecticut has learned a valuable lesson every male must learn at some point: Don’t ask a if she is pregnant. Ever. Just don’t do it.

Lana Del Ray Admits She ‘Slept With A Lot Of Guys’ In The Industry | The Daily Caller

Singer isn’t screwing around when she says she slept her way up in the music industry.

Homeowner tired of people driving over lawn fined for hiding booby-traps | Mail Online

An angry homeowner has been fined for embedding nails in a wooden board on the corner of his to stop drivers using it as a shortcut.

Republicans launch campaign to #FireReid | Red Alert Politics

The Republican National Committee really wants to .

FIFTEEN Palestinians Dead After Hamas Refuses to Allow Civilians to Escape Shelter | The Gateway Pundit

Today at least 15 people were killed and many wounded when Israeli forces shelled a UN-run school in northern .

Caught on Tape: Hamas Terrorists Fire on IDF From Wafa Hospital in Gaza (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

terrorists were caught on tape this week firing on Israeli soldiers from Wafa Hospital in Gaza.

Lindsey from Minneapolis secretly films men explaining why they catcalled her on street | Mail Online

A 28-year-old woman fed up with being catcalled is taking on her street harassers by confronting them and secretly filming their reactions.

Darth Vader Polling Higher Than Obama, Presidential Hopefuls | The Daily Caller

Darth Vader is more popular than Obama, Congress and every single 2016 presidential hopeful as of Wednesday.