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HGTV: Use American Flag as Table Cloth | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes

HGTV viewers are expressing outrage after the network suggested they use American flags as table cloths for Fourth of July celebrations. Many viewers called it offensive, un-American and an insult to the American military.

Senate kills Grassley’s border-security amendment — with all four Republican “Gang of Eight” members in support « Hot Air

That’s why even Rubio, since the very beginning of this fiasco, has insisted that probationary legalization come before border security. The bill would be dead if he didn’t make that concession, and he’d rather have a terrible bill that betrays his phony promises of “security first” than have no bill at all.

Reid Blocks Senate Vote on Border Security Amendment to Immigration Bill

Grassley was pushing for an up-or-down vote by the Senate on his amendment, which would have required the border to be secured for six full months before any legalization of illegal immigrants in America began. Reid objected to Grassley’s motion, effectively implementing a 60-vote threshold that completely blocked any attempt at a fair vote on the amendment.

A move to take more control of trouble spots –

So, beginning Oct. 15, according to the city’s new ordinance, property owners will be fined after they reach a certain threshold of calls in a time period — five calls in 60 days for a property with 50 or fewer units or 12 calls in 90 days for a property with 51 or more units.

extremism-christian.jpg (534×421)

For the record, this doesn’t appear to be Obama.  I think Jim Hoft is jumping the gun there.  This appears to be one person who put this together using Southern Poverty Law Center nonsense for a unit in PA.  I had a JAG officer call the show and make it very clear this is not an Army wide policy.

Obama Includes Evangelical Christians on List of Religious Extremists | The Gateway Pundit

The above slide came from a U.S. Army Reserve Equal Opportunity training brief titled “Extremism and Extremist Organizations.” The Obama Administration included Evangelical Christians with Al-Qaeda and the Ku Klux Klan.

Here’s the actual slideshow slides.

Study: Angry Lego faces are hurting the children | The Daily Caller

‘Sesame Street’ to teach kids about when Mommy goes to prison –

A flag, a swastika, an uproar: Nazi flag spurs anger, debate in Elkhart apartment complex

After a neighbor flew a Nazi flag, causing a minor uproar, managers of the apartment complex cracked down on such expressions. No matter the flag’s colors, tenants can’t fly anything from their balconies. Thus Stow’s limited to the two small flags, flying discreetly from the flower pots on the floor of her second-floor balcony.