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Mishawaka police car gets away, ends up on riverwalk | ABC57 | South Bend IN News, Weather and Sports | Local News

A ended up in a very unusual place Wednesday-smashed into the rail of the .

SBPD warning of aggressive panhandlers

South Bend residents are running into more pushy panhandlers these days, according to .

House votes 231-187 to hold Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress « Hot Air

The House voted to hold former Internal Revenue Service official in on a 231-187 vote Wednesday, as Republicans work to uncover the depth of Lerner’s involvement in the agency’s targeting of conservative groups from 2010 to May 2013.

Big Legal Blunder; Statement of Former IRS Official Lois Lerner’s lawyer William Taylor (and I hate to say it again, but her lawyer sure got her into a mess!) | Gretawire

Bottom line — on close questions — you steer your client to a SAFE path.  That is the role of a lawyer – to protect your client.  As a former criminal defense attorney, I know the SAFE path would have been to say ZERO before the Committee (except to assert the 5th) and then go outside and say whatever you want to the cameras.  The same would have been achieved with the safe route (and more!) except she would not have this contempt issue.   This was a big blunder.    He is now scrambling with statements and letters and looking for lawyers to opine that Lerner did not waive her 5th Amendment right — but he never, never, never should have steered his client into this position in the first place.  Why would you steer  your client into this mess, into a gray area, whether in the end the client wins (and a court concludes she did not waive) or not (court concludes she waived her right)?  Answer: a lawyer should never do this….BIG blunder.

Networks Spend 27.5 Minutes on Climate Change, Just 15 Seconds on Lois Lerner Contempt Vote | NewsBusters

Not even a full vote by the House of Representatives to hold Lois Lerner in contempt can shake the networks out of their slumber in covering the scandal. On Wednesday the House voted 231-178 (all Republicans voted yes with six Democrats) to hold Lerner in contempt for refusing to testify about the ’s targeting of conservative groups. Total coverage by ABC, CBS and NBC? Just a 15-second brief on Thursday’s edition of ABC’s Good Morning America.

House Republicans find 10% of tea party donors audited by IRS – Washington Times

Despite assurances to the contrary, the IRS didn’t destroy all of the donor lists scooped up in its tea party targeting — and a check of those lists reveals that the tax agency 10 percent of those donors, much higher than the audit rate for average Americans, House Republicans revealed Wednesday.

St. Joseph High School suspending students over E-cigarettes | Local – Home

It’s one of the latest trends sweeping through local high schools. It can look like an ink pen or marker, but is actually an electronic cigarette. And WSBT found out many area schools are banning it from their property.

Judge says Indiana BMV wrongly pulled ‘0INK’ license plate

The reinstatement comes after a judge ruled that Indiana officials violated a police officer’s constitutional rights by revoking his vanity license plate “0INK.”

HGTV Drops Show After Controversy Erupts Over Hosts’ Christian Views on Gay Marriage and Abortion | Video |

Twin brothers Jason and David Benham were scheduled to appear on “Flip It Forward,” a renovation show that was set to feature them helping families make improvements to their homes. But when some left-leaning media outlets began digging into their backgrounds and personal perspectives, everything changed.

EXCLUSIVE: Congress to Investigate Potential Obama Crackdown on Drudge, Hannity | Truth Revolt

Cooper stated that such attempts were a “gross and abusive violation of their power and the public trust,” adding, “Congress will continue to investigate these abuses.”

FEC chair warns that conservative media like Drudge Report and Sean Hannity face regulation — like PACs |

Liberals over the years have also pushed for a change in the Federal Communications Commission’s “fairness doctrine” to cut off conservative voices, and retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has delighted Democrats recently with a proposed Constitutional amendment that some say could force the media to stop endorsing candidates or promoting issues.

FEC Chairman’s Chilling Warning About ‘Disparate Treatment of Conservative Media and Agency’s ‘Impulse to Regulate’ Press |

Goodman also pointed to recent cases where the FEC was deadlocked, 3-3, on cases he argues should have been unanimously struck down. This includes a 2010 complaint about “The Sean Hannity Show” over an endorsement that went out on the radio show’s distribution list.

Al Sharpton Versus The Teleprompter – YouTube

Al Sharpton Versus The Teleprompter

Michigan City man gets cocaine smuggling sentence on 90th birthday

An Indiana man whose age, white hair and folksy style helped conceal his role as a drug courier was sentenced Wednesday – his 90th birthday – to three years in federal prison for hauling more than a ton of cocaine to Michigan.