Show Prep: Thurs, Nov. 20

Obama’s Amnesty Will Add As Many Foreign Workers As New Jobs Since 2009 | The Daily Caller

Since 2009, the U.S. economy has added only six million jobs, according to the International Monetary Fund.

Report: No Obamacare For Illegal Immigrants Under Obama’s Amnesty | The Daily Caller

While President Barack is getting ready to issue executive this week, administration officials are promising they won’t give the newly legalized immigrants access to Obamacare.

Coincidence? Obama to Announce Executive Amnesty on National Revolution Day in Mexico | The Gateway Pundit

Obama will announce his Executive Amnesty Plan tonight. Today is National Revolution Day in Mexico–

Three-Minute Briefing: An Immigration-Obamacare Loophole? – US News

Good Thursday morning, Nov. 20, the 324th day of the year and just 11 days until the federal budget runs out and the government shuts down, a date congressional Republicans no doubt have circled on their calendar in — what else — bright red. Here’s today’s Three-Minute Briefing, all the News You Can Use in 120 seconds or your next one’s free:

Republicans Will Vote to Fund President Obama’s Amnesty. Then Try to Take It All Back. | RedState

That is happening again. This time it is with amnesty.

Republicans Will Not Block Barack Obama (Because They Want the Same Thing) | RedState

What also remains is a Republican leadership that wants amnesty too. The Republican leaders know they must put on a dramatic display for the public, but they are already stacking the deck to ensure Barack Obama gets away with what he is doing.

Amnesty and the minimum wage make strange bedfellows | RedState

So if the minimum wage, like unemployment insurance, is supposed to provide an Obamanomic stimulus to the sluggish economy, on the theory that higher wages = more consumer spending = STIMULUS!, then what’s the deal with handing out millions of work permits to illegal aliens – a policy guaranteed to depress average wages?

Rick Perry May Fight Obama’s Lawlessness – Sue Over Executive Amnesty | The Gateway Pundit

“I think that’s probably a very real possibility,” Perry said during a panel here at the Republican Governors Association’s annual meeting.

The Sneaky Way McDonald’s Tried to Get Kids to Eat More Broccoli |

Speaking at an event this week, according to Business Insider, Thompson said McDonald’s once tried to make bubble gum-flavored broccoli, but children weren’t interested.

Study Has Bad News for All Those Healthier Food Choices in the Lunch Line |

While 75 percent of students picked the protein, 58 and 59 percent, respectively, chose a fruit or vegetable. Of those who had the protein on their tray, 75 percent took a bite of the chicken, while only 24 percent tried even a nibble of their vegetable.

Follow the Money: Keystone XL Pipeline | RedState

Bank of America, Barnes and Noble, Coca-Cola, CVS, Disney, Hilton, Gap, Hewlitt-Packard, Nabisco and Subway are all listed as corporate partners with the World Wildlife Fund having made substantial donations to the organization. Likewise, Caterpillar, Starbucks, Walmart, McDonald’s and AT&T have all engaged in partnerships with the Environmental Defense Fund, the same organization that ran television ads and organized voter turnout efforts to support Democrat Senate candidates in Iowa, Colorado and North Carolina in 2014.

“The Healthcare Games” — Coming Soon to a Campus Near You | Turning Point USA

Turning Point USA activists from across the country are bringing “The Healthcare Games” to campus this November.  They will be distributing informational literature, identifying new activists that believe in our message, and informing students of the dangers of government-run healthcare.

At Least 40 Federal Agencies Now Conduct Undercover Operations – Hit & Run :

“Undercover work, inherently invasive and sometimes dangerous, was once largely the domain of the F.B.I. and a few other law enforcement agencies at the federal level,” Eric Lichtblau and William Arkin note in The New York Times. “But outside public view, changes in policies and tactics over the last decade have resulted in undercover teams run by agencies in virtually every corner of the federal government.” At least 40 now conduct such operations.

Florida Creamery Fights Gov-Mandated Mislabeling of Skim Milk – Hit & Run :

Florida-based Ocheesee Creamery is fighting a state agricultural department rule that bars the business from accurately labelling its skim as skim . Because creamery owner Mary Lou Wesselhoeft does not inject vitamin A into the , the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Serices (DACS) says she can only label it “Non-Grade ‘A’ Product, Natural Vitamins Removed”.

The Insane Swedish Plan to Rate Games for Sexism – The Daily Beast

University Bans Word ‘Freshman’ Because It’s Sexist and Promotes Rape | National Review Online

“The term has often been felt to refer to the vulnerableness of young women in college for the first time,” Leigh-Anne Royster, the school’s “Inclusive Community Wellbeing Director” told the College Fix.