Show Prep: Thurs, Nov. 6

Oil Slump Continues as Saudi Arabia Targets U.S. | Fox Business

Oil accelerated a months-long slump after Saudi Arabia cut its prices for U.S. buyers in an effort to counter the shale boom.

90-year-old among first charged under Fort Lauderdale’s strict rules against feeding homeless | Fox News

Fort Lauderdale police say Arnold Abbott violated a new city law, but the 90-year-old homeless advocate says his only crime was to “love thy neighbor.”

IRS Tells Court It Never Tried To Find Lois Lerner’s Lost Emails | Truth Revolt

IRS attorneys conceded that they had failed to search the agency’s servers for missing emails because they decided that “the servers would not result in the recovery of any information.

The Huffington Post Investigates TANNING BEDS At Colleges | The Daily Caller

The Huffington Post has exposed a shocking scandal that affects the lives of wealthy white women (and, sure, some men) at fancypants colleges.

Biotech Crops Use Less Pesticide: Study Rebuts Perennial Anti-GMO Activist Lie – Hit & Run :

GM crops have reduced pesticide quantity by 37% and pesticide cost by 39%

I’m a ‘Conservative Anarchist Isolationist Humanist Libertine’. What Are You? – Hit & Run :

We’ve all heard of “The World’s Smallest Political Quiz”, but are you ready for the strangest? Then I suggest you check out the “5 Dimensional Political Compass”, which has been making the rounds, to much merriment, on Twitter today.

Here’s my personal score:

GM prods recall holdouts with gift cards

General Motors is offering $25 gift cards to try to entice recall holdouts to get their ignition switches fixed by Jan. 1.

‘Death with dignity’ debate has local impact on South Bend firefighter | Local –

One South Bend firefighter is battling the same type of cancer, but is choosing his own approach to combating it.