Mother says pee wee football coach bullied her son on Facebook |

The 8-year-old Indiana boy’s mother took matters into her own hands after she said she noticed her child was bullied by his on Facebook.

Principal suspends football player, calls him bully for POEM | The Daily Caller

On Friday, at Rittman High School just outside of Akron, Ohio, junior Nick Andre’s composition class assignment was to write a about something that makes him mad.

Every Local News Anchor Had the Same Reaction to Mike Myers’ New Baby

When local anchors around the country learned that Mike Myers and his wife Kelly Tisdale were expecting their second baby, they all had the exact same reaction.

Pepper-spraying campus cop awarded settlement | The Daily Caller

The University of California, Davis police officer who pepper-sprayed a group of protesters in 2011 has been awarded a $38,056 settlement for mental anguish.

Florida shoplifter gets big surprise from cop who nabs her –

A single mom down on her luck was caught shoplifting at a Miami supermarket, but she didn’t get hauled off to jail.

Want food stamps? Go to Craigslist – Fox Nation

“I have $500 worth and it costs $350 cash. No I will not do half!” read another posting from the Atlanta area. “I don’t need to sell. If you would like to get an extra $150 to $175 in grocery and pay no taxes and can see the benefit that you will still be saving then email me or call me and we can arrange the whole deal as soon as you like.”

Clovis woman, 74, sues McDonald’s over burns from hot coffee | Local News |

Twenty-one years later, a Fresno lawyer said McDonald’s is still serving piping hot .

Questions for Susan Saladoff about “Hot Coffee” – PointOfLaw Forum

Unfortunately, many journalists take trial-lawyer Susan Saladoff’s conspiracy theory about the McDonald’s coffee case at face value, and don’t sufficiently scrutinize the movie’s claims. Here are some questions for more enterprising journalists to ask.

Sad But True: Breast Cancer Fraud Rampant « The Burning Truth

Unfortunately, a $9 million was just uncovered. These ‘Pink Ribbon’ companies maliciously prey upon the sensitivities of women.

I Will Not Be Pinkwashed: Why I Do Not Support Susan G. Komen for the Cure | Butter Believer

Susan G. Komen is coming under fire because one of their own spoke out against Planned Parenthood last year. Fact is, they are a great organization that funnels a full 80+% of their money to research, treatment, screenings, and awareness. The writer of this article clearly has no idea what they are talking about.

Universities say Halloween costumes are offensive, of course | The Daily Caller