Show Prep: Thurs, Oct. 3

Shots fired near Capitol after car chase starting at White House | Fox News

Shots were fired outside the U.S. Capitol after a car chase that started when a woman tried to ram a security barrier near the White House, putting the Hill temporarily on lockdown in a chaotic scene Thursday afternoon.

Harry Reid hates children with cancer | Mofo Politics

You may recall that in 2008, liberal propagandist Dana Bash– featured above– married her colleague and fellow Marxist, John King.

Text From Government Websites Gets Furloughed As Non-Essential « The Burning Truth

There is literally no argument to justifiably take the USDA site down. Any interactive features can have a warning that they won’t be processed, but there is no reason to take down free information.

Obama: Imagine if workers could shut down a manufacturing plant just because they didn’t get what they want « Hot Air

Via Charles Cooke. Imagine it. Imagine a movement so selfish that it would sabotage the operations of a venture on which vast numbers of people depend simply to gain leverage for its own agenda. Then imagine that that movement grew in numbers to the point where it could elect its own bought-and-paid-for politicians to do its bidding. Who knows how much havoc it could wreak? When you think about it, Democrats are right: It really is a sort of terrorism.

Obama Attacks Unions Who Use Strikes At Negotiating Tactic « The Burning Truth

Looks like POTUS isn’t happy with changing their minds on Obamacare.

BUSTED! SEIU Organizes Fake Protesters At WWII Memorial | The Gateway Pundit

Busted! According to PJ Media’s Patrick Poole, the astro-turfed approximately 20 to harass veterans at the WWII memorial today. One of the fake “federal employees” still had on his McDonalds uniform and admitted to receiving $15 to protest.

Democrats Pay Union Members to Protest World War II Vets | Power Line

It appears that the administration is violating the First Rule of Holes. Yesterday the administration looked awful when it “closed” and barricaded the World War II memorial on the Mall. The memorial is, by its nature, open. There is nothing to close. And the administration knows that every day, tour groups consisting of WWII vets, now mostly in their late 80s or early 90s, come to Washington to visit the memorial. So the administration couldn’t resist closing the WWII memorial by putting up barricades, as part of their effort to dramatize how terrible the government “” is.