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Joan Rivers Dead at 81 – ABC News

“It is with great sadness that I announce the death of my mother, ,” Melissa Rivers told ABC News via a statement on Thursday. “She passed peacefully at 1:17pm surrounded by family and close friends. My son and I would like to thank the doctors, nurses, and staff of Mount Sinai Hospital for the amazing care they provided for my mother.”

Clinic Joan Rivers visited being investigated by NY Department of Health | Fox News

FOX411 has learned that Yorkville Endoscopy, where the 81-year-old comedian went for a minor procedure on Aug. 28, has attracted the attention of state health officials, who are looking into what went wrong.

Supreme Court Appears Skeptical In Right To Work Lawsuit | News – Indiana Public Media

’s justices suggested in oral arguments Thursday that ’ problem with the state’s law isn’t with the state. It’s with the federal government.

Comprehensive Proof Unions Are Lying About Right-To-Work Laws : The Burning Truth

The National Labor Relations Act allows unions to sign “members’ only” contracts that apply only to dues-paying members. This is legally uncontroversial. In 1938, the Supreme Court expressly upheld union’s ability to negotiate only on behalf of members. As William Gould, chairman of the NLRB under President Clinton, wrote, “the law now permits members-only bargaining for employees” — unions can exclude non-members from their contracts.

School bans ‘unsupervised cartwheels’ on playground – powered by Education Action Group Foundation, Inc.

Students and parents at Peregian Springs State School are flipping out after officials unsupervised playground and handstands to prevent injuries.

Study Cites ‘Grave Potential Consequences’ With E-Cig Use |

“We don’t yet know whether e-cigarettes will prove to be a gateway to the use of conventional cigarettes and illicit drugs, but that’s certainly a possibility. Nicotine clearly acts as a gateway drug on the brain, and this effect is likely to occur whether the exposure comes from smoking cigarettes, passive tobacco smoke or e-cigarettes.”

LA Restaurants Enact 3% Surcharge For Healthcare Costs | Truth Revolt

Beginning on September 1, restaurants Lucques, Tavern, A.O.C, and a few offshoots all added a 3 percent surcharge to customers’ checks, explicitly stating in a press release their decisions hinged on covering employee healthcare costs.

Kerry Says It Is Our Biblical ‘Duty’ To Protect Muslim Countries Against Climate Change.

Kerry Says It Is Our Biblical ‘Duty’ To Protect Muslim Countries Against Climate Change.

Nobel Prize Winner Says Climate Skeptic Perspective Should Be ‘Crushed and Buried’ |

A British Nobel Prize winner and the head of major scientific societies recently said “serial offenders” casting man-made climate change in a skeptical light “should be crushed and buried.”

As new climate change summit looms, UN environment efforts still a mess, study says | Fox News

Evidence of what the report calls a “conflict of interest” by project managers of the United Nations Environment Program, the ostensible flagship of U.N. environmental action, in hiring outside evaluators to examine their own projects.

UN Can’t Prove Man-Made Climate Change So They Present ‘Imaginary But Realistic’ Weather Forecasts for 2050 Instead : The Burning Truth

In a fresh effort to generate fervor for a far-reaching new global climate agreement, a U.N. agency is releasing videos featuring “imaginary but realistic” weather reports set in 2050, to illustrate the type of extreme conditions it predicts we will face by mid-century.

Sound The Alarm: Research Forces Schools To Contemplate Start Time | StateImpact Indiana

AAP research as well as a number of other studies shows that adolescents should ideally get between 8.5 and 9.5 hours of sleep each night. Recent polls show only 41 percent of middle schoolers and 13 percent of high school students do.

Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photos Go On Display At Art Exhibit | The Daily Caller

Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton’s sexually explicit photos, which were released in a huge leak of nude celebrity photos Sunday, are now becoming front and center for an art exhibit.

Another Reason The Huffington Post Should Not Be Taken Seriously, Former NFL Player, 9/11 Truther Hired As National Security Correspondent : The Burning Truth

What the hell does know about national security?

11 Signs You’ve Lived In Indiana Too Long – Movoto

1. You’ve Stopped Moving From The Couch When The Storm Warnings Sound