Show Prep: Thursday, December 15

Liberal Celebrities Want People To Die – The Burning Truth

The strawberries are bruised, and want a revolution. A revolution, of course, that they’d lose.

Muslim Student Arrested For Fake Hate Crime Report – Christine Rousselle

A Muslim teen in New York City who claimed to have been harassed on the subway by men chanting “Donald Trump” and told her to get out of the country has been arrested and charged with filing a false police report. Yasmin Seweid, a student at Baruch College, first reported the harassment on Facebook on December 2, and chided the bystanders who did not come to her aid. Seweid was charged with filing a false report on Wednesday.

Hate Hoax: Man Faked ‘KKK’ Crimes, Abduction

Vincent Palmer, 27, told local police in Volusia County, Florida that he wrote a message using racial slurs with with “KKK” and “Trump” references taped to his ex-girlfriend’s car just before throwing a brick through the back window–dousing it in gasoline and setting it ablaze, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

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Michigan lets autonomous cars on roads without human driver | Daily Mail Online

Companies can now test self-driving cars on Michigan public roads without a driver or steering wheel under controversial new laws that could push the state to the forefront of autonomous vehicle development

GM to produce, test self-driving Chevy Bolts in Mich.

General Motors Co. plans to produce and begin testing self-driving Chevrolet Bolt EVs on public roads in Michigan.

CNN’s Fake News Gets Trump-Hating Politico Reporter Fired – Breitbart

The Hill later posted a story revealing that the Trump transition team was denying the claim. “This is false. No decisions regarding Ivanka’s involvement have been made,” Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks said early Wednesday evening.

Vulgar Politico Crank Lands Job at The Atlantic After Accusing Trump of F***ing his Daughter (Video)

Academic Says Growing Food Is Destroying Earth’s Topsoil | The Daily Caller

“The human jawbone is now by far the most destructive implement on the planet,” Cribb said at the Soil, A Balancing Act Downunder conference. “It’s wrecking soil and water, clearing forests, emptying oceans of fish and destroying wildlife as never before – but few people realise it because of long industrial food-chains that hide the damage from them.”

Animal Rights Snowflakes Hold Funerals for Frozen Turkeys in Stores – Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children

In recent days, animal rights activists held funerals in several cities for frozen turkeys whose carcasses were lying in repose at various grocery stores. The group known as Direct Action Everywhere, started in 2013 in San Francisco, carried out mock funerals in stores, chanted, and blocked customers who were just trying to shop.

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Dylann Roof convicted in Charleston church massacre | Fox News

A jury in South Carolina Thursday convicted Dylann Roof in the shootings that killed nine black church members during a Bible study in Charleston last year, a verdict that could lead to a death sentence for the self-avowed white supremacist.

Notre Dame political scientist: Pete Buttigieg could shape image of DNC – 95.3 MNC

With the speculation on whether South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg will make a run for Democratic National Committee chairman comes speculation on how he’d do.

WikiLeaks operative claims Russia did NOT provide Hillary Clinton emails | Daily Mail Online

‘Neither of [the leaks] came from the Russians,’ said Murray in an interview with on Tuesday. ‘The source had legal access to the information. The documents came from inside leaks, not hacks.’